Colts moving on from Ebron

Looks like the cancer will have to find a new home.

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holy crap BRING HIM BACK it’s about time we went to the all TE offense.

put golladay at cb or fs or something.


He quit on them since he knew the lack of production would make him look bad. He’s a POS. Still can’t believe we drafted him 10OA. One of the worst picks in Lions history considering the talent that was on the board, positional value, and the long term construction of our roster.


I’d defer to Bevell, but given the limited way the Lions used TEs, I don’t think the Lions have a need for an oversized possession WR with below average hands.

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Are you inferring he could be an FA target?!?!?!


Still an incredibly talented player. Just too bad he doesn’t have the head on his shoulders to go with it or the desire to get better and not tell you how great he already is.

At least we were right on one castoff.

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I’ll say it.

For all his flaws the Ebron would have been better the last 2 years if Ebron was on the roster.

He was still better than what we had and he wasn’t that expensive.

Who gives a shit if he’s a crybaby on Twitter.

That, and he couldn’t catch a pass consistantly.


His drop rate was comparable to the guys who replaced him at tight end the last 2 seasons.

The TE I wish we would have held on to is Darren Fells. He can block, he was a better receiver than expected, and resigning him long term would have been a hell of a lot cheaper than signing James as a #2 TE.


yea that was one move I was surprised me made. he made some tough catches in traffic when we needed him to.


Shit, Fells basically took over Ebron’s role until someone reminded Ebron that he was playing for a new contract.

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LOL - Pettigrew too!


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As mentioned before, he’s a cancer. One of those guys that catches a couple passes or scores a touchdown and gets all inflated about it, starts chest thumping. Carries on like he’s something special, when it’s just an average performance. Can’t, or won’t block. He didn’t get the nickname E-drop for catching balls.



that reminds me of the play where that olineman never moved during a complete play, I can’t remember what team it was. that was hilarious “coach keeps yelling at me for false starts…well watch THIS”

Imagine being his teammate, especially the RB who is gonna get killed.
Bet they loved him.

this. good lord it’s funny, but I think the snap count was wrong you can see the oline wasn’t reacting right, but man he must’ve had to do some serious wind sprints for false starts previously.