Combine Observations

Tought we could start a thread about how some guys are looking at the combine.

I have only been home for 10 mins all I caught was Herbert throw some deep routes and man he was on fire.He sure looks the part no way he makes it out of the top 10.



I sorta did.

I’ve been putting stuff about the combine in this thread.

Most notable thing so far is the absolute beating Wilcox has taken by the football and the turf. Dude took a headshot in the gauntlet and hasn’t caught a ball since. LOL

Is it just me or does the WR from Liberty look like Golladay? Smooth as silk and catches everything.

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Well, I hated the nighttime setting. Everyone looked tired, hell, I was tired. I think a bunch of people looked out of sorts.This is a great WR class. I think switching up the drills will be interesting. Some guys made money. Cee Dee Lamb showed out. Jalen Hurts showed out. Reagor. The big Notre Dame TE Claypool, just might be a WR. The NFL made a mistake running the WR’s first.

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Yea I am hating the time change too. Not sure who made this decision, but they need to give a public apology to fans and players. Several looked very tired.

All jokes aside, why ESPN is not covering it like it has years prior is beyond me. Only decent coverage this year if from NFL network. I am sure combine in general will be losing ratings.

Did the NFL do this purposely? To see how players handle fatigue, pressure, etc.

I see some similarities in Golladay and Gandy Golden. But Golladay is more physical and Gandy has better hands if you ask me.

Micheal Pittman is a closer comparison if you ask me.

In my opinion neither is what we need. I want a better route runner with field stretching speed.

One thing they’ve corrected this year is they are keeping the drills front and center. Over the past few years they have been more interested in showing all their talking heads instead of the on-field drills. The athletes took center stage last night for the first time in a few years.

At it’s best, the network covered everything from weigh-in to bench-press to high/long-jumps to on-field drills. They started layering more and more commentary on it and felt it necessary to put the commentators on the screen instead of athletes. The coverage 10-12 years ago was peak, IMO.

One more thing I noticed about the “Underwear Olympics”…
New underwear!

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Claypool running a 4.42 is not getting out of the 3rd round, maybe the 2nd. That’s faster than Jeudy, Lamb, in fact good for 6th for WR’s. Too bad, he’s the guy I wanted as a 4th round pick. Hill ran a 4.60, I believe he’ll be there at our first pick in the 5th.

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I’m still not sure Hill will last that long still. He plays faster than his 40 time, runs great routes and has excellent hands.

I feel like Hill is another player like the white kid from Clemson two years ago that is with the Raiders now (forgot his name). He won’t be spectacular but he’ll move the chains for you. I see him as a 4th or 5th round guy.

I agree with many that I am not a big fan of the afternoon move. I like being able to come home from work and see the results and not have to wait for it to happen. With that said I could care less if the Players look tired, they knew in advance that this was happening and the NFL has made all interviews for daytime only. So really no reason for these young men to be rested and ready to go. Nothing different then if they have a late game in the NFL.

After looking at the WRs I can see the Lions probable getting one on Day 2 and another one on Day 3. Just to much good talent and the Lions will be shorted handed within a year, so now is the time to stock up.

The highest I’ve seen Hill ranked is 12th, by Walters, 20th by DraftScout ,and lowest was in the 40’s by Great Blue North. Walters had him at a 4.50 40 though. A 32.5" vertical is also not impressive. The Senior Bowl was a good look for him, he’s the all time reception leader from Ohio State but the draft is so deep there are better options ahead of him. For me, anything before the 5th would be a reach.

I suspect round 3-4 to be honest.

I’m expecting a run on WR’s in mid round 2.

In 2018 when 33 WR’s were taken, five more than 2019, only 10 were taken in the first 3 rounds. Five were taken in the 4th and 17 were taken in the last 3 rounds. I know, it adds up to 32 so I missed one someplace. The point is that I doubt more than 18 WR’s are taken thru the first 4 rounds and that puts Hill into the 5th IMO.

You could be right, but what I keep hearing/reading is that there are more WRs that have day 2 grades then ever before. SO there might be a good chance that more will go in the first 2 days versus the final day.

If you are correct that should also lead to many draftable WRs getting picked up as UDFA.

I think it will. Too bad we had to throw in our 7th on the Diggs trade, perfect round to take a flier on a player who dropped in a deep draft.

You have to remember that the draft is also deep at OT and RB, DT is a decent class too. The value is going to determine picks.