Coming around on Goff

Look, I’m still pissed about losing Stafford. The guy was a generational talent, and no amount of Armchair experting is going to change that. But, Matt wanted to go. I don’t blame him. I also have wanted to go, but the Lions refuse to release me from their tentacles.

So here we are.

One of my concerns is that if you can’t build around Stafford, why in God’s name would I trust you to build around a player (or any player), particularly someone like Goff, who needs really good assets around him to succeed. That will continue to be a problem until I see it with my own eyes.

My inner-monologue counterpoint: Holmes did it before. He helped support a quarterback drafted first overall with the necessary talent, paired with a fantastic mind of a coach, that yielded a Super Bowl. And as smart as McVay is, he didn’t will Goff into a Super Bowl because that isn’t how sports works. Particularly football. The player always has something to do with it.

If he can do it again, it looks like Goff has more tools than I originally gave him credit for. His accuracy appears outstanding. His mobility is better than I expected. He doesn’t have the athletic, arm-cannon of Stafford (few do), but he can put the ball where it’s needed, especially if you have some playmakers to do something after the catch. As others have noted, there was a market for Goff that consisted of many NFL teams. It was the Rams who devised a ludicrous contract—not Goff’s fault. But it seems he would’ve been dealt to someone who needed a starting QB. Given our starter wanted out anyway, that appears to be a win once paired with a package of picks.

As it stands, I agree he could be the second best QB in the division, which changes nothing for us. That’s where we were before Stafford. I’m not trying to hear the Kirk Cousins stuff—I’m a State guy and Cousins is comparable to Goff, but I take Goff.

In particular, I’m interested to see what the Lions can do with Goff and second year players like Swift. Can we devise an offense that is efficient, plays mistake-free, and takes advantage of the killer defense that I’m begging this team to build?

We do those things and the pain of losing Stafford (and Calvin before him) eases tremendously.

Onward with Goff.


Matt was a generational arm talent. I don’t believe he was a generational Quarterback talent. I think he has some deficiencies which will continue to hold him back from that top 3-5 QB level.


A generational talent should be able to orchestrate an offensive w/o an OC

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Woohoo welcome aboard! Also those 1st rounders are gonna be nice! For the Rams sake, Stafford better not get injured next year. After over a decade, lets see what this guy truly has got. He went to a great HC and organization, no more excuses. Super bowl or bust for the Rams. All the pressure is on Stafford. Im excited to see how this all pans out.

If Goff wins us a playoff game, he gets a statue.


I always wanted to have Stafford remain a Lion for life, just because I think he will retire as the all time leader in passing yards, and it would cool for a pure Lion to have the record.

But since my reasoning for him staying a Lion had nothing to do with actually winning championships, I put my lizard brain to bed, and embrace the new journey for both him and us.

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I’m with you on “coming around to Goff”. My initial reaction was a little different.

My thoughts processing the trade:

  • WOW
  • Two 1rst…NICE!
  • …and a player?
  • …a QB!
  • …been to two PRO BOWLS!!!
  • … he’s only 26!!!
  • …Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I’m just excited that we have a QB to work with. We do not have to use a draft pick now on a young kid to lead this franchise in 2021. We can still draft a QB…but he doesn’t have the pressure from day 1. Goff may not lead us to glory…but at least we have a swing at the plate.

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I think Goff can be more than serviceable with a great running attack taking the pressure off of him. Not the highest praise, I know.

His small hands and average arm could struggle at cold windy places like GB, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh (who we play this year).

I love hearing that Goff has an “average arm.” :rofl:


Please elaborate…


I don’t post much, just read a lot. But I had to say to Nate, thanks for posting this.

Seems you have read my thoughts.


Cliff Notes:
Goff has above average arm talent.



Everyone’s arm is gong to be “average” after watching our Howitzer sling high-velocity projectiles all of the field for 12 years. It’s going to take a few years of watching regular QB arm strength for the residual Stafford effect to wear off. Goff is gonna look like Matt “noodle arm” Leinart, but it’s ok, just an optical illusion. Goff can sling the ball just fine.


I actually hope you are right.

This morning PFT posted stats for all NFL QBs relative the QBR on deep passes. Goff ranked 37th. Yes, 37th.

If you think he is above average, I’ll take your word over the stats.

Curious to see how this stat works and what time period? The rams offense did not have a lot of deep throws the past two years and it’s not because Goff isn’t capable. He didnt have much time to throw deep. The Rams have resorted to quick passes to avoid pressure. Just my point of view.

PFF deep pass ratings for 2020. More performance rather than stats based analysis

Stafford is 18th
Goff is 21st


I know that the staff has insight into what Goff needs to be successful, but I’m still glad that we have 2 extra first round picks over the next 3 drafts. You really need to see how he plays with the hand he’s been dealt and take it from there.

Some concerns, turnovers. We all think about int’s with re to QB’s, but fumbles are just as relevant. Goff had 7 fumbles last season and lost 4. He had 13 int’s and threw for 22 TD’s and ran for 4. I think standing in the pocket too long is one thing he and Stafford have in common. Our team was near the bottom in the league with -9 on turnovers, meaning we didn’t get many compared to what we lost. In the North the Bears were also negative at -4 and the Vikings were -1. We had 7 int’s, only Houston was worse at 3. Anyway, I’m concerned that we aren’t likely to be better at protecting Goff and that is likely to = more turnovers. And I’m concerned that our D isn’t likely to make up the difference.

We really, really, REALLY need to get pressure on the opposing QB. I don’t want Goff turned into a “game manager”, because it won’t be a test of what he can do. In many ways Caldwell forced Stafford to be a game manager for 3 quarters but it worked. Limit the TO’s and the D was coached to not give up the big plays. We had a + differential in turnovers with Caldwell, and it goes a long ways but not getting into overdrive cost us games too. How many times did we start games going 3 and out?

Good luck to Goff, I hope he does well and looking forward to what this staff can bring to the table.

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Gardner Minshew 3 and Josh Allen 32. I understand why the metric is useful, but when people pull it out in a discussion of arm strength I chuckle.


Good point. It’s one thing to have the incredible arm but if you are off the mark on 3rd and 7 in the 4th quarter once too often then you aren’t one of the greats.
Seen that missed play too many times in games against teams with winning records.
I wish Stafford good luck with his new team but I am glad for the two 1st round picks and a QB.


Without Golliday as well, and just a few yrs ago Stafford was one of the best in the league. It’s a snapshot with no context

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Strengthwise, yes, he has average arm talent. But he’s one of the most accurate actual throwers of the ball in the league. His accuracy wanes under pressure, but that’s true of most QBs, including Brady.

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