Comparing Jared Goff & Matthew Stafford as deep-ball passers

Some of that may be the WRs Goff was throwing to, but still… not good.

Wasn’t an issue two years ago

That may be why Holmes will roll with Goff instead of drafting a QB at No. 7

It seems like the article did a bit of a bait and switch. It opens up with a grand statement that talks about Jared Goff’s entire NFL career and college career. But then they only give a snapshot of the 2020 season, where we know Goff lacked a deep passing threat and had a down year. I went back to 2018, and here is Goff at #1 in the league in actual statistics, and #8 in the league when they do their little adjustments.


Yeah very dumb article using 2020 season to analyze Goff’s deep balls. The Rams did not even try throwing deep last season. The offense has changed. Goff has already shown he can successfully throw deep.


In all fairness Stafford is one of the better deep ball throwers in the game and his WR’s were more verticals types.

While Goff in 2020 was throwing to mostly possession type WR’s.

I think it’s important we get Goff some weapons this year. My concern is that we trade KG and surround Goff with a young inexperienced WR group. I think this will be a recipe for disaster.

Good article by Rogers in today’s Detroit News, it is paywalled but does a good analysis of Goff; accuracy at each level, mechanics, under pressure, mobility, and more.