Comparison before/since Patricia hire

Wishing Caldwell well. Really quality human being. Caldwell’s strategy worked well. Keep it as close as possible, and unleash Mathew in the last 5 minutes of the game. Thing is…I think, no matter how much talent he ever got, he’d have the same strategy. He is a system guy, IMO. Love him, as a man, as a leader, as a mentor of young men. As a HC of our team, not as much.

Hope the dude wins a SB. Rooting for him, always.


Chuck Modiano is an ass hat .
He is so far left in all of his reporting it is sickening . Kap has done everything right in his view. Caldwell was let go because he was not part of the plan and not part of Quinn’s vision , not because he sucked.
I would have loved for Caldwell to be a part of this team in some fashion but the logistics and support he had from players made that impossible.
Getting rid of Caldwell by Quinn was only fair if the GM is to be evaluated on his tenure , he has to be able to build the team in his vision .
Caldwell was not a problem , just he was not part of the plan and Chuck Modiano will never see that because it needs to be spelled out for an ass hat like that.


Sadly, I see the same thing… Absolutely No Success. And nothing even close from either one…

Only 1 team is successful each year. ONE. And it’s not us and it might never be.

I have no idea about the writer or the race factor but he does lay out some fairly compelling arguments. I agree that Quinn is arrogant and has set this franchise back. Generally speaking you are going to hit on a pro-bowl player every 2-3 drafts. Quinn is not close. This roster always seems to have significant holes. The fans see the holes and then Quinn does nothing to fix them. Perhaps he and MP will turn this around next year. But right now it is ugly and if next year starts out ugly too then expect several years again of rebuild while Matthew Stafford’s career fades away. Looking at this roster I cannot find one area we are substantially better now than when Quinn took over but I can find several that are worse. So glad Martha is spending the money to finance the Quinn and MP laboratory experiment.

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I can see some of your views. I love that Martha has the guts to try something different, and I approve of the Laboratory experiment. Niiice work, ol’ girl!

Roster is inconclusive. The cap space we have needs to be spent next year, and it will look totally different. I have a feeling it’s all by design. If we were truly in “win now”-mode, we wouldn’t be sitting on that cap space. These people are building for the future, and don’t feel their jobs are in danger. This is all planned.

As for prowlers drafted by Quinn…Ragnow, Golliday, and Hock (I’m predicting they all get there). More to come, my brother! You’re a Lions fan, so I know it’s hard to tell you to have patience and faith, but you’ll be happier if you do.


I think its tough not to see that this team is more balanced and deeper withbtalent then when ol Jim was here. Do you honestly think these past games would have been as close with Caldwell at the helm? I personally don’t…everyone at the beginning of the year said thatbif Stafford went down we were toast…well we are but look much better then what anyone would have guessed.

That has a lot to do with the depth. We have been decimated by injuries to the DL, RB, OL and secondary. Not many teams have the depth to truely compete when they are signing RBs the week before the next game…but here we are, not getting the doors completely blown off.

As I have stated before, we need a splashy draft on the defensive side of the ball and we will be in great shape.


Austin’s defense with Bev’s offense would have been something to see. Caldwell should have fired Jim Bob when Quinn was hired and hired Bev, who, I believe was sitting on the couch at home.

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It’s a nice thought but that’s incorrect.
Jim Caldwell was fired as head coach on January 1st 2018. Darrell Bevell was fired 9 days later as the OC of the Seahawks


I really don’t think Austin was that great…2014 with those stars it was something great…but all those other years it was meh…but yes…2014 Lions Defense and 2019 Lions offense we probably win the Super Bowl…if only…lol


I know most games are decided by 1 score or less typically, but I see what your talking about and agree…There has been only one game where we got completely outclassed and that was the Vikings game…the perfect offense vs a perfectly flawed defense.


Sometimes you have to take two steps backwards to take one big giant step forward…

Nothing wrong with getting a guy that shares the same vision as you.


The Vikings game was tied at halftime, 28-24 after 3 quarters and 35-30 with 3 minutes left.


I am fine with acknowledging this writer’s points that are valid as long as we also are acknowledging that he really likes caldwell, has been a supporter and wants the team who he covers to hire him and that he also thinks BQ is an idiot…so there is a little bias. Not saying he doesn’t have validity…but there is definite outspoken bias.

Thanks for the correction. I was going by memory. Obviously didn’t remember when he left Seattle correctly.


Right as usual. After I posted I was thinking i should have been more clear, that was on me. We were completely outclassed on the defensive side of the ball.

The pro bowl is just a popularity contest. I think every roster has significant holes. As far as him being arrogant. I do believe he has upgraded the roster. It also depends on what you mean by significant. By significant do you mean like having a madden team were every position is a superstar? Or do you mean just better at the position? DE flowers is definitely an upgrade over ziggy. Coleman and Melvin are definitely better than Lawson and Tabor. Kennard and jones are better than whitehead and levy. Snacks and Ashawn are better than whoever we had before them. Safety is the only position that i think is a wash with Quinn leaving. What Positions do you think we are worse at? I think if it werent for PP the defense would be totally different. We are averaging 24.4 points per game against some really great defenses. However we are giving up 27.2 points per game.

Dont get me wrong i understand any level of frustration a lions fan has but i think they are trying to upgrade all positions.

How is that possible, we had Diggs! LOL


Outside of Suh, which one of those stars on that 2014 team ever played that well before or after Austin?

He got figured out but it’s disingenuous to not give him any credit for that team

Short of the Pats, Ravens, Seahawks and 49ers is there really a solid team out there? I mean the. Chiefs are an offensive juggernaut but there D is extremely week.

The Cowboys…same thing, solid O but D is shakey as a 100 year old outhouse.

The Vikes, Bears and Pack…D are respectable, great in Minnis case…but the O’s are hit and miss. Rodgers will always give the Pack a fighters chance.

Point is 85% of the leagues teams are flawed…we are getting closer to balanced but if our D ever turns it around, we are as elite as any of the first 4 teams mentioned.