Conditional 7th round pick for Josh Gordon?

What’s your thoughts? New England placed him on IR with a minor injury designation meaning that when he comes off of ir in the next week or two they are required to release him from the IR list and he’s expected to be released. At that time based on NFL rules being released after the trade deadline requires Gordon to go through the waiver process. However with the rule change in 2018, he can be traded while being on injured reserve. New England may have actually received offers for him but I haven’t seen anything in the media to indicate that. All of the writers and articles are describing the fact that he has to be released but none of them have discussed the fact that he could in fact be traded before then?

Gordon is probably toast. Not sure I see the point

Can he play defense?

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Well of course not. But if the posts on the site are to be believed nobody else currently on the defense can either. LOL