Confederate Monuments need to go

Good read…

That said the pendulum is swinging way too far right now.

I can see this point of view…

Basically, monuments going up to “just go up” after the fact.

I really never differentiated between a “memorial” for the lost lives vs promoting a way of thinking publicly as the article states…

I like articles that make you think!!


There was a rally here in Allendale yesterday to try and take down a statue of a Union and Confederate soldier next to each other with a little black boy by their feet with a sign that says Freedom to Slaves.

They are changing the name of the Oregon-Oregon State game (the civil way). I’m pretty liberal but the wholeness is a bit much at times.

Go to Germany and you won’t find anything tied to the holocaust. Jewish folks will never let you forget the holocaust happened. That should be no different in the USA in terms of slavery. Everything and anything tied to it should be eradicated. It’s great seeing these young kids stand up and take a stand.

Oregon vs Oregon State rivalry name is tied to the America Civil War. The South wanted to preserved slavery as Mississippi was the epicenter of the cotton. The cotton was used to clothed the world which made Mississippi a world power.

So yeah the name should be changed IMO

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Wow. You clearly don’t have enough guilt to understand how much you are the problem.

Here, let me badger you with slogans some more to make my point…

Statue seems rather tone deaf at the very least. Not sure what the confederate army had to do with slaves being freed.

I like some slogans. “Where’s the beef?” Come on, Weeze. “Where’s the beef?”

Just don’t ask Redwing where the beef is?

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Not a fan of this “cancel culture” nonsense.

One recent example:

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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I thought no political posts were allowed. It’s great to know the Marxist trained BLM leaders are successful enough to get their ignorant followers to destroy American culture and deepen racial divides.
Take, for example the attempt to destroy Grant’s statue because Grant owned a slave. The ignorant would have it that way. The truth is harder to understand. Grant was gifted a slave and he freed him almost immediately. He probably waited until his gifting father-in-law left. Or, the Lincoln memorial with the small child which was paid for by emancipated slaves which the unthinking wanted to destroy. But, why let truth get in the way of a singular narrative.

By the way, Grant was a poor man and he did not agree with slavery. He could have sold the slave for an absurd profit and kept the money as the slave would have been an asset. Instead, he freed the slave. We can’t have any people like him throwing away assets because they didn’t hold with slavery. So while it was hard enough to feed his family, he freed a slave worth thirty thousand dollars in today’s money.

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Yes, very much my point. There certainly has been a way overblown backlash. I do think one of the main points from the article was pretty interesting and that’s if there were only 11 states in the confederacy, why are there confederate monuments/statues in over 30 states?

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That doesn’t make much sense.

Many people’s families were displaced. If they taught history nowadays you would not have to ask. There were border states, too. In those border states there was bitterness between brothers. Some chose to fight on the confederate side. Some chose to fight on the Union side. When the war was over much of the south was looted by Northern profiteers driving the south even further into poverty. From those people, many drifted north for jobs including freed slaves. When the nation needed to heal, monuments sprang up. There is no problem removing them but many went up to memorialize the struggles of the south, not to promote racism. The South was proud of the fight. I doubt there were many proud of slavery.
For instance, Robert E. Lee went to our military academy at West Point. He may still be the only person to go through the academy without a single demerit. When war was imminent, he had to make a choice. He chose to fight for Virginia. He fought, outnumbered and without adequate supplies for almost five years, defeating the Union forces in many battles. His general leadership abilities are considered among the very best in all of history.
Stonewall Jackson was a general many took as an example of bravery and resolution. He was immortalized by another Confederate who rallied troops by sayin look there stands Jackson like a stonewall… neither of these men are idolized because they were Southern generals who were supporting slavery. They were honored for their determination and abilities against an enemy. Schools founded by them or named in their honor, were not established to promote white supremacy. George Pickett and many others were honored for their sacrifice not a political choice.
Most people can make a distinction there. Robert E. Lee’s decendents donated the land for Arlington National cemetary. Most people’s lives are not one single act, nor should that act define them.


Love your contribution to the discussion here. Good stuff.

If Germany erected a single statue of Hitler there would be global outcry, but the US has been celebrating the leaders who literally fought to perpetuate slavery for over a century and people are against tearing their statues down?

Its sad because I admire so much about America but stuff like this makes it as backwards and moronic as any other place you care to think of.