Contacting Senator or Congressperson

Does anyone have any experience contacting their senator and / or congressperson? If so, are there any recommendations to make sure you’re heard and get an actual response?

Thx in advance

You can contact your senator/Congress person through the Internet as they all have website. You can enter your ZIP Code and get your local state reps and your federal reps and senators the same way.

I don’t know that there is a certain magic bean that you can write that makes a Senator go “ah, this I’ll personally respond to.” However I have done it a couple times. Once when the Army Chief of Staff had the great idea to steal our Ranger Black Beret and hand it to the entire Army because it looked cool or something. I was out of the service at the time, but the thought of OUR symbol being handed to an overweight female typist straight out of basic training made me and all my brothers quite sick. The fact that this particular guy (Erik Shinseki of VA scandal “fame”) had never even been in an Airborne unit, let alone a Special Operations unit (therefore never doing what it took to actually earn a beret of any color in the Army) made the decision made it all the more infuriating. He was a Vietnam Combat Vet with the Cav, so props for that, but you don’t take something so sacred to an elite group. Just pick another freaking color for goodness sakes! So I wrote my Senator at the time in NC and I did get a (I assume) personal response. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, which was “though I understand… I don’t get between military decision makers and what they feel they need for their troops” I did get a response.

I did write Dan Coats in IN a few years back and got a response from his office. (Then I got recruited for a possible role in GOP politics lol… I passed…they would certainly find my rantings on the OTT and I’d be way too un-woke to proceed). I’d say if you are passionate about something, do it, just of course write it like what you say can and will be handed to the Secret Service if you cross the line lol.

Saw that, thanks. I do have their contact info, just trying to determine the ‘best’ way for initial contact.

This is pretty much what I figure. Unless you’re a high dollar donor or ‘someone’ its probably not too likely to get a response, at least a serious one.

Its good to know that some do respond.

I sent a pm outlining some of my thoughts.

I would not assume that staff members are not reading messages/letters. They bring in staff/interns to do that.

If you want to get a response from your congress person, just say that you got sexually assaulted by one of their political opponents. They’ll call you right back. Then once you have them on the line, you can ask for what you really want…which they will ignore.

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I’ve always gotten a response. Usually I use email.

They have answered every one of mine.

If your congressperson is a congressman, put “I think I’m pregnant” in the topic line. I guarantee he’ll read your email first.

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Put some baby powder in the envelope. Works every time.


You sneaky bastards! There’s suppose to be only one political thread.


I have talked to and worked with the senators office here in Minny and found them to be very helpful and responsive. Simply call their office and see how they respond. I originally contacted Senator Franken’s Office and they helped facilitate all sorts of things for a client of mine. I can say I was truly impressed with how responsive and professional they were.

Because he’s good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like him.


My experience with his staff was a great one. They were professional and helpful. He was a good Senator and shouldn’t have stepped down. I say that not caring what party he belonged to. He was actually trying to do the work.

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He sexually assaulted a service woman, took a picture of it and bragged to his friends. Seems like the party of Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Epstein, John Conyers, the lieutenant governor of North Carolina is ok with just that. Sexually assault as many people as you want and deny it, go on with your life, because any woman that comes forward is a slut, a Golddigger and was complicit. She wanted it. Except if it was A Republican, conservative, or a nominee for the supreme court that’s conservative. Then, it’s all about Me, too. Democrat playbook.

Same playbook for collusion and obstruction and quid pro quo. Do as much of it as you like, deny it, accuse your opponent of doing it and Manufacture evidence to accuse and attempt to convict people that are innocent of doing anything.

You’re white pointy hat is on a bit tight today.

Democrat playbook chapter 2. Your opponent is a racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, xenophobe whateveraphobe . Repeat, repeat, repeat, go to the newspapers leak bullshit, repeat, repeat,repeat. Never ever use facts.

Oh no, it’s a fact. Low IQ trash like you are easy to spot.