Contract Offer Idea For Slay Numbers are close

$13,368,750 2019 Cap Hit

$16,022,000 franchise tag in 2019

Roughly $29,000,000 Guaranted for 2020 an 2021 an it will be likely $3 million more maybe 5 million with tag increase

So why wouldn’t Lions make a deal to spread the money over 5 year or even 3 years Like 3 year deal 16,000,000 ,16,000,000 an 18,000,000 over 3 years 36 mil guaranteed over first two years

Salary yr 1 $ 4,000,000 yr 2 $4,000,000 yr 3 $6,000,000

Bonus Yr1 $12,000,000 yr2 $12,000,000 yr 3 $12,000,000
That’s a $50,000,000 deal

Bonuses can be different kinds. a 3 year deal like This allows lions to release after 2 years with a push on Cap but if his play is still high standard Lions could have a built in extension clause to rework last year for couple more.

This would result in just #5 million increase this years Cap since he would get 13 plus anyway an if they use tag in 2021 its a push at least.

This make him highest an he has secured next 3 years. Lions get a out in year 3 or a option for another year to spread it out.

Not into fine points of a contract but basic numbers show Lions can keep him for 3 years an he can full fill his goal of highest paid.

Or Lions keep him an tag him next year most players on last year of contract seem to play there best.

Reason why this is better than this year an a Tag Lions looking at $29 million or for # 32 million having him for year 3 with a extension clause for Lions if they want to extend him.

He would get what he wants an Lions get his play for 2 years an a out clause to protect them.

Just a idea how maybe they can work a deal.

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If your guaranteeing 36 mil in first 2 years, but salary is 4 mil each of those years with 12 mil in bonuses, wouldn’t his salary be 18 mil a year? How do you guarantee, or why, a bonus?

The guarantee is bonus can be like signing roster many forms of bonus Guarantee is different than salary is not guaranteed. Bonus money can be spread of the length of contract.

Its a rough idea that could work or they can tag him next season. basically he would get 16 this season an next an 18 year 3 with a out clause He would get his guaranteed over first 2 years abut Lions can spread out of 3.