Cool write-up on our ST's specfic

This is a cool down time article. I never thought about snap speed or “Snap, look up and block transition from college to nfl” ….

3 nice article today and have meat to them! and I’m always hungry for Lions football!!

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maybe a new punter?!

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Dudes that both punt annnnd kick. Interesting. I’m a fan of Martin. Before his injury, he was a weapon. He’s returned to form some, but not completely. So weird that stepping on a conch shell causes such a drop-off in punting.

If the savings are enough to be worth it., I guess the show must go on. Backup Kicker is a nice option to have too though.


Good article thanks for sharing.

I was expecting them to talk more about players like Killebrew. Not what I was expecting to read.

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