Corners in the draft if we don’t take Okudah

I think there’s a decent enough chance we don’t draft Okudah that I’ve started really looking into the other CBs who might be available from the late 1st to the early 3rd. Trying to figure out which ones fit our scheme, physical preferences or have the wrong/right kind of intangibles.

  • A.J. Terrell, Clemson. I think he’s got everything Patricia and Quinn want in a CB and he ought to be available at the top of the 2nd. I don’t love the way he kind of panics at the catch point (see national championship game), but there’s no doubt he’s sticky in coverage, and it’s not good to put too much emphasis on one game.

  • Trevon Diggs, Alabama. I’m not a huge fan of his game but man, if you want to build a body beautiful corner for Patricia’s scheme, Diggs is it. My biggest beef with him is he’s just not very good at covering guys. Opposing receivers tend to get open far more often against Diggs than any other highly rated CB. Me no likey. But it could be down to his inexperience.

  • Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn. If we’re gonna go with an inexperienced CB, I’d much rather go with Igbinoghene. He’s plays like a tasmanian devil out there, and while he’s got plenty of technique work to do, guys still struggled to get open against him cause of his sheer tenacity. Give me that kind of guy any day over someone with less desire. He’s a little shorter than we like but he’s well built and has long arms, plus he’s a great athlete.

  • Damon Arnette, Ohio State. Along with Igbinoghene, my favorite option if we don’t go Okudah is his teammate Arnette. Now I know he’s got some off-the-field and maturity issues so I don’t know that we’d draft him given Quinn’s proclivities to avoid any kind of character red flags, but man, his tape is really, really good. Especially in 2019. Sticky, tough, good tackler. He’s got almost everything you want.

  • Jaylon Johnson, Utah. He’s got everything you want athletically and he’s got the right kind of dawg mentality all the best corners have, but he’s even worse than Terrell about panicking at the catch point. He also falls for double moves and trickery more than any other highly-rated CB, so he’s a guy I expect might have a very tough rookie year. If he can endure it and improve, he could come out on the other side as a great player.

  • Jeff Gladney, TCU. Love the dawg in his game too, great in press, great instincts. I think he’s likely to go before our 2nd round pick but not by too much and if he falls to us I think he’s definitely in play. That said he’s short but unlike Igbinoghene, he’s really skinny too, and tall receivers give him all kinds of problems, whether he’s in their pocket or not. I wonder if he meets our physical preferences at CB. He’d be right on the edge of it. He’s not much of a playmaker either, he’ll let quite a few interceptions slip through his hands.

  • Bryce Hall, Virginia. I think he’s strictly a zone corner.

  • Cam Dantzler, Mississippi State. I really liked his man tape (especially against Ja’Mar Chase), but after that debacle of a 40 at the combine, he’s pretty limited to zone as well. This would be another Teez situation if we drafted him.

  • C.J. Henderson, Florida. Love him - I think he’s just as good as Okudah at coverage - but he struggles elsewhere. That said, unless we do a double-trade-down, I don’t see how we’ll be in range for him. I expect him to ge between 8-20.

  • Kristian Fulton, LSU. Our 2nd rounder is at the very outer limits of his floor so I expect him to be gone well before we pick, but if he makes it we have to strongly consider him. He’s superior in coverage and a good tackler. Like Terrell he has some issues at the catch point but they’re not nearly as pronounced. Still, you can expect some of the catch radius receivers like Hopkins and Mike Evans and Courtland Sutton to get the better of him the way Tee Higgins did.

  • Amik Robertson, Louisiana Tech. Really short but he wouldn’t be an outside corner, he’d be a slot or a down safety, the way we used Diggs. And man, he’s got a lot going for him. He’s the biggest dawn in the class despite his height, he makes plays on the ball and he’s a good tackler. He’s been comped to the Honey Badger and I can see it, actually, in fact I think Robertson might be a better athlete. He’s unlikely to be as smart and instinctive given how Mathieu excels at that part of the game, but on tape he’s certainly no slouch. I’d love to nab him myself, but I think he goes a little higher than we expect.

I figure everyone’s stuck at home and if you’re anything like me, you’re tired of reading/watching the news. Hopefully this can help take everyone’s minds off of it.


I’ve only scouted a few of these guys but I really like the Auburn kid

AJ Terrell is exactly the kind of CB we should hope to grab in the 2nd, he’s very similar to Slay

After watching the national championship game, not a huge fan of Terrell or Fulton. The bad 40 time for Danzler was .7 seconds slower than Arnette, 4.57 v 4.64. Of all mentioned, I like Gladney, but would require overlooking some off field issues. Definitely has the abilities though.

Thats2, great post man!

Like you been looking at CB and OT(since Wagner gone). I agree with your comments on all CBS you mentioned. I keep going back and watching different game of Okudah, and keep coming away from same thoughts. This guy is SPECIAL!!

My view is after 2 CBs Okudah and Igbinoghene, skills take a bit of a drop. (not a lot but some)

After the next 4-5 CBs, skills start to decline from there.

Again thanks for the post Thats2!

He’s got all the traits you want in a man corner, good feet, good quickness, loose hips, good speed… He’ll be a starter in the NFL

Diggs is the perfect fit. But there’s absolutely zero chance we draft him if he’s anything like his brother.

I think Hall might make a really good coverage safety.

Great job as always.

What are your thoughts on Tony Pride? I believe he’s now supposed to go in the top 50 or so.

Darnay Holmes may be an option in round three as well. Though he’s probably a boom or bust proposition there is definitely lots of talent to work with.

I like Pride physically and I thought he was one of the top two or three performers at the Senior Bowl… which surprised me a little, given he did it in ways I thought I couldn’t… or at least that didn’t show up on tape. From the games I watched he showed almost no ability to play the ball, whether it be for a pick or simply when it was in the air. That always makes me nervous with a corner (which is why I brought it up with Terrell, Fulton and Johnson too). Then he showed up in Mobile and looked much better playing the ball. He makes me nervous, but his upside physically is such that he might be worth taking a chance on.

Yeah I’m far lower on Holmes, he’s a Marcus Peters-type of guessing/gambling CB in a smaller, stumpier body, and like Peters, he’s not the biggest fan of tackling. Again he has the physical gifts (save height and length) which is why he will probably go in the first two days, but I don’t like other parts of his game.

One last one what about your boy A.J. Green. That forty time is concerning but he was a pretty damn college CB every time I watched him.

Lamar Jackson also played pretty well this last year. He was a huge disappointment prior to that. LJ doesn’t love to tackle either. Or at least not the way you’d want him to at his size.

Heh, yeah, I was really hoping AJ would test better than that but I knew in my heart of hearts that probably wasn’t gonna happen. He’s got some great tape for sure - especially for the Big 12 and really especially against Denzel Mims - but his limitations, while they don’t come up very often, are pretty glaring when they do. He just assaults guys rather than let them beat him, and given his athletic testing, I expect that to happen a lot more at the next level. At this point I just want him to get drafted to keep our streak alive.

I think LJ is destined for one of those cover-3 teams like Seattle or SF. He meets the height and length requirements and their zone scheme can cover for some of his weaknesses (though he’ll have to shore up his tackling issues, but that’s true everywhere).

My favorite deep sleeper that I could actually see sneaking into day 2 is a guy named Stantley Thomas-Oliver from Florida International. I was really glad to see him get an invite to the combine cause the main question I had was about his speed, so I was pleased by his 4.48. He’s a tall guy, long-limbed, and he’s only been playing corner for a couple of years (he was a receiver at first). But he ranked in PFF’s top 10 in completion percentage allowed both years he started (and last year, ahead of Okudah), he’s a really good tackler especially for someone new to the position, and word is he’s a grinder who works his tail off. I don’t think he’ll go on the first 2 days which is why I didn’t list him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he snuck in.

The Georgia Southern kid is interesting too. Kindle. I bet he gets popped higher than folks are expecting. Though I have to be honest I haven’t seen a Georgia Southern game since they were a 1-AA powerhouse years ago

Stefon and Darez are his brothers. I don’t think Quadre Diggs is related to him.

Arnette and Gladney are the top press corners in this class beyond Okudah. They are therefore the top fits for the Lions, as Detroit plays more press man than just about any other team in the league. Gladney’s game compares to Jaire Alexander‘s, Green Bay’s outstanding CB. He does not struggle in run support despite his slight frame and he is solid attacking at the catch point. I’m uncertain what Arnette’s off the field questions are, but he had an excellent season, and tackles extremely well. I like Arnette a lot. If you could guarantee either at 35, I’d vote strongly in favor of Derrick Brown at 3 or wherever we pick assuming a trade down. The bigs are so hard to come by. I know Okudah is special, but…

Lastly, I’m a huge Amik Robertson fan. His ball production was off the charts. In 2019 Robertson led the nation with 19 total forced incompletions, while allowing a catch just 52.6 percent of the time. His PFF coverage grade of 91.3 is the best in the nation. Add to that 14 career interceptions, 4 pick-sixes, and vicious/legal hits all over the field and I believe you’d find a starting nickel corner in round 4 or 5 who is capable of starting year one. Comparisons have been made to the Honey Badger, but I see Darryl Green when I watch his tape. If you haven’t seen him, do yourself a favor and check it out. Impressive.


Yes! It’s great to see another Amik Robertson fan on here. I love the guy.

I admit I don’t know much about him (Amik Robertson) at all, however being 5’9” 183 he is a bit small for these wide outs in the nfl.

But I will watch some of his game tape. His stats says he is a baller.

Thanks for the heads up.

I realize that. I’m talking about Stefon Diggs.

Stefon Diggs slid in the draft due in part to his personality, and injuries. He’s extremely vocal, constantly complaining. While mood swings and outbursts are the norm. He’s currently upset about his contract and wants more money. He’s a huge diva. MP couldn’t handle a player like him.

Welcome to the board. Nice post!