Corona Virus Facts, Updates and latest News

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Thank you all for understanding. This is a trying time and I hope everyone and their families stay safe.

Here is a current article of the symptoms we should be on the look out for.

Here is Michigan’s official tracking number of confirmed cases and deaths by county. Click on link below.

Michigan’s official CV19 tracker

The number of cases are exploding. I am sure some of this is due to more testing but as you can see by this article, that cases in the hospitals are sky rocketing too.

How is it spread?

WHO talks about how it is spread by air.

How long it can live on different surfaces?

What precautions should we take?

The CDC put this out.

The web MD did also.

Shopping Precautions posted by a Michigan Doctor

A 38-year-old Michigan man with no underlying conditions contracted coronavirus last week and was successfully treated with the drug combination being touted by President Trump.

Jim Santilli told talk radio host Steve Gruber he is “living proof” the combination of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin works.

Santilli said he became seriously ill March 18 “with severe cardiac and respiratory issues” and was admitted to Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in metro Detroit.

According to Gruber, “Santilli said the biggest problem was waiting for test results that took four days to come back. In the meantime his condition worsened by the hour, and he thought he was going to die.”

“Santilli says he was slowly drowning and was convinced he ‘would not live until midnight.’ That’s when doctors made a decision he says changed everything,” Gruber said.

The survivor said the drug combination began to work “within a few hours.”

Santilli credited Trump for his survival.

“Donald Trump recommending that medication combination saved my life and a lot of other people’s lives,” he told Gruber.

Santilli criticized Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) for her recent threat against doctors and pharmacists, and believed it is a “terrible decision,” adding, “She is sentencing people to death.”

Whitmer sent a letter to medical professionals on March 24:

Prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine without further proof of efficacy for treating COVID-19 or with the intent to stockpile the drug may create a shortage for patients with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or other ailments for which chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are proven treatments. Reports of this conduct will be evaluated and may be further investigated for administrative action. Prescribing any kind of prescription must also be associated with medical documentation showing proof of the medical necessity and medical condition for which the patient is being treated. Again, these are drugs that have not been proven scientifically or medically to treat COVID-19.

According to Gruber:

Santilli added that he isn’t the only one that is alive because of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin either. He said the medical staff told him other patients were also responding well to the treatment and their lives are also being saved.

Ah, breitbart spam. At least this new thread is starting out on a positive note.

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I think those are some interesting article. However it kills me how some in the medical profession can still advise people to not wear masks. It’s clear that the virus is spread by entering your respiratory system. What better way to reduce exposure than to put a barrier between your environment and your own respiratory system. What can do that?..a mask.

I’ve been in 3 different countries in the last 48 hours (Thailand, Japan, United States).

In Thailand, when things started ramping up over there, everyone started wearing masks. The staff in the hotels I stayed in were wearing masks. When I went to the airport to fly home, they checked everyone’s temperature as they were entering the airport, and then gave you a sticker to put on your arm indicating that you had your temperature checked. All ticketing agents were wearing masks, all airport staff were wearing mask, all the people transitioning through the airport were wearing masks.

Leave Thailand, heading to Narita Airport Japan (Japan Airlines). 99% of the passengers were wearing masks, all flight attendants and crew were wearing masks.

Land in Narita (2 hour layover). Again, all airport staff were wearing masks, 90% of the people walking around the airport were wearing masks. I even saw about 4 or 5 people, and one family with kids, completely dressed up in plastic protective suits. I thought that was a bit unnecessary, but hey, they took it upon themselves to take precautions.

Leave Narita enroute to Seattle. Again, Japan Airlines. All staff, flight attendants, and 99% of the passengers are wearing masks.

Land in Seattle, get in the immigration line. Again, 99% of everyone standing in the immigration line were wearing masks, finally get to the immigration officer…he’s not wearing a mask. He’s probably having 100s of interactions a day, touching everyone’s passports, asking questions about there trip…and he’s not wearing a mask.

Get through immigration, collect up my bags, go to customs…customs agent not wearing a mask. Enter the airport, and observe the complete opposite of what I just witnessed in Thailand and Japan. 99% of the people walking around the airport not wearing a mask.

Wife picks me up, we head home and have to stop at the grocery store. Get to the grocery store and nobody is wearing masks. It’s seems crazy to me.

I don’t need a politician to tell me to take necessary precautions when the answer is right there in front of you. Use a little common sense folks. Do you need a politician to tell you to get off the railroad tracks when a train is coming? People need to take a hard look in the mirror when it comes to the blame game.

It’s bc we don’t have enough masks as is for medical providers. At least N95s. I agree with you if they could produce enough they should make N95s as close to mandatory as possible. Though that’s probably another several 100 billion dollar expense to be able to manufacture and distribute enough.

" That coronavirus death rate, which is lower than earlier estimates. takes into account potentially milder cases that often go undiagnosed"

Gee…that sounds familiar :rofl:


Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) occurs when fluid builds up in the tiny, elastic air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs. The fluid keeps your lungs from filling with enough air, which means less oxygen reaches your bloodstream. This deprives your organs of the oxygen they need to function.

ARDS typically occurs in people who are already critically ill or who have significant injuries. Severe shortness of breath — the main symptom of ARDS — usually develops within a few hours to a few days after the precipitating injury or infection.

Many people who develop ARDS don’t survive. The risk of death increases with age and severity of illness. Of the people who do survive ARDS, some recover completely while others experience lasting damage to their lungs.