Coronavirus hotspots and updates and places to avoid

Never count out the old retired guys and gals from the military!!


Honestly - waiting time see if my name gets called… I still have two years of IAR status … :thinking:

We have 1,997 deaths and 120,204 total cases in the US. That’s a death rate of 1.7%. It’ll stay at 1.7% if all 114,978 Active cases recover and no one else dies (only 3,229 have recovered thus far). The only way we drop below 1% is if all 114,978 active cases recover and another 80,000 people contract the virus AND all recover. Well, I hope you are correct, I don’t see any way that happens, especially since we are nearing capacity at hospitals and medical supplies.

I don’t see any way this doesn’t get really bad before getting better.


Agree, we’ll be lucky to stay at that rate because of shortages of people, supplies and beds to help treat them. On the flip side I would say not all cases are being reported, so it may or may not be a push. In the end, though, there is no way the rate drops below 1% and I would be surprised if it drops below the 1.7%.

The hopeful stats are that the death rate in the world of closed cases is 18%, dead/dead+recovered.

BUT, the serious case rate of active cases is only 5% and the death rate in general on serious cases I thought I saw was closer to 25-33%

I was thinking.

Do you all think we should lock the CV threads and start two new ones that aren’t filled with false information?

Every time I turn around the data has changed significantly.

I’m thinking we need two threads. One for discussion and one for facts.

Do you all agree?

Please explain false information? This thread seems pretty clean

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Maybe false was the wrong word.

Current and more up to date information:

So we are looking at killing the virus but starting it back up again?

My poor, Misguided attempt at humor…

You mean false information like Michigan’s death toll is less than 1%?

Your ignoring the fact that there are Far more people that are positive that have not been tested as there are confirmed…

Even if nobody else got the virus but they continued testing our # of positives would go up We are testing more and more every day. We have drive up testing in Grand Rapids now. I have been telling people that are numbers of confirmed cases are going to spike simply from more testing happening and it is true.

That is why, as I have posted multiple times, it isn’t just as simple as looking at the numbers on the website and dividing # of confirmed by deaths. That completely ignores untested positives, of which there are many. There are AT LEAST as many unconfirmed positives as there are confirmed and that alone cuts the real fatality % in half. Your a numbers guy, you should be anle to understand that. We have accurate counts of the dead but it is anybody’s guess how many true positives are out there

Go up a little ways and I completely shred the simple math you are using. Frankly I am surprised at you making that mistake :man_shrugging:t2:

There are people that had it mild and recovered that never did and never will get tested…

When this is all said and done…THEN you will be able to accuratelly estimate the fatality rate

^^^ That isn’t false information.

And nobody was talking about Michigan…the discussion was about the U.S.

Your struggling with reading comprehension

Thank you

People can’t even comprehend the difference between officially confirmed cases and the actual number of people that are and have been infected

The confirmed is a drop in the bucket of the actual

Ohio was working on an assumed 250-1 ratio of actual to confirmed when they locked things down as I outlined a little ways up in this thread and that is indisputable

Actually it’s you that has reading comprehension. I replied to Air’s comment about the rate in Michigan. It was the first comment on this thread. Also, it’s “you’re”, not your. Anything else that you need help with?

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No, I think that about covers it :joy:

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Cool, we’re good then.

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That’s my point. When I posted it was accurate.

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Ok I’ve made a new thread with current information on it. Please post there if you have any current facts or news on the subject.

This topic is closed because it’s outdated and has information that is no longer accurate.

Here’s the link to the new thread.