Coronavirus Prevention Idea

I had an idea and wanted to share this with the Den. Maybe I’m completely crazy. Where better to confirm that than right here?

So, we have all heard that wearing masks is not an effective prevention method when it comes to the Coronavirus. The problem is that the masks are not form fitted so you can still technically breathe in the contaminated air. Additionally, the mask does not cover our eyes, which we often touch with our hands which may be contaminated. I’m not a physician, this is just my understanding based off information I have read. If I am wrong and you are a reputable source - please correct me.

It seems like having a form fitted mask + protecting our eyes, nose, and mouth would significantly increase our safety and ability to prevent catching the virus, along with washing our hands regularly. This leads to the idea I had.

Now, this might seem incredibly strange and a bit socially awkward at first, but please hear me out…

This (below) is the Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full mask. I am ONLY using this as a visual example. The idea has nothing to do with the mask/brand itself. This mask is light weight, provides excellent visibility, is form fitted, and is easy to wash. If you simply add a filter for VOC’s you could be sure that you were always breathing safe, uncontaminated air. You could also be sure that your hands would never touch your mouth, eyes, or nose while wearing it because it’d be impossible to do so. (Always wash your hands before removing your mask)

Would it be a bit strange at first wearing this around, say, the grocery store? Absolutely. But, is it strange to wear this if you were about to go snorkeling? Absolutely not. It’s only strange and socially awkward because it’s something we’re not used to (yet). I argue this would no longer be socially awkward if people used their “PandeMasks” during difficult times like these. If wearing a mask like this and a set of disposable gloves could protect you while doing something like grocery shopping, would you consider wearing it? I think I would.

While the Ocean Reef mask is expensive, I do think “PandeMasks” (forgive me for the lack of a better name at the moment) could be quite affordable. It’d essentially be a lightweight snorkel mask with an activated carbon filter that was capable of filtering out these viruses. I don’t see any reason these masks couldn’t be manufactured and sold for a price people could afford.

So, am I crazy, or does this seem like an idea that could help millions remain safe while performing required tasks such as grocery shopping, or visiting a hospital, for example.

  1. Drive to the store and park your car
  2. Pop on your PandeMask + gloves
  3. Go grocery shopping
  4. Return to car/load groceries
  5. Remove gloves & wash hands/hand sanitizer
  6. Remove mask and drive home

Is this annoying? Absolutely. Do we want to have to do these things? Definitely not. But, could masks and taking precautions like the ones I listed above still allow us to function and do certain things that we need to do in public places with a higher level of safety? If so, I can’t help but wonder if something like this could be more helpful than the masks that are currently out there being used today.


Thanks in advance for any critique or suggestions. To be clear, I am not advertising or promoting anything here - I am just curious if a mask similar to a snorkel mask with air filters would be a helpful tool when it comes to preventing the spread of things like the Coronavirus. If/when these things happen, it’d just be great if people could wear something short of a hazmat suit and still be/feel safe in public places we all need to go at some point.

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You are on the right path. They already have N100 or P100 masks (if you can find one) that are form fitting. A person can adjust the tension. That’s the key. Adjusting the tension.
Unfortunately, all of these masks are made in China. We don’t control the production at this time.

  1. Sterilize hard surfaces on groceries (Jug of milk) and keep groceries away from common areas, like the kitchen. Don’t put your grocery bags on the kitchen counter.


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Good call. My wife and I realized we missed that step after our last grocery shopping trip. We placed the groceries on our kitchen counter and unloaded them immediately into the fridge/freezer.

Next time, we have a plan to disinfect the items we can and quarantine others we can’t for a few days. There’s no way to be 100% sure, but we’d really like to take a few extra steps here and there to avoid getting this thing, if possible.

Question - The N100/P100 doesn’t cover our eyes it looks like. Any idea if touching our eyes with our hands, for example, can lead to catching the virus? Or, does it need to be introduced to our respiratory system to take hold?

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Meanwhile, we are throwing out our body’s ability to create immunities to ‘new’ viruses, immunities that get passed on through breastfeeding to build stronger immune systems for future generations? Instead we’re called to rely on the government and big pharmaceutical companies for our well-being. Liberty and your ability to provide for your family that you created are swiped from you in the meantime.

That said, the shitty part is, many pediatricians dealing with a new moms that are trying to breastfeed that bring in a baby has a little hiccup and refused some breast milk then they’re so quickly told to try formula. Usually the brand their practice has a deal with. Kind of like dog food a certain veterinarian’s offices. Now they really on a big company to feed their infant and the baby doesn’t get the much needed antibodies.


I don’t think it’s a crazy idea at all. In fact the government would probably be better off providing masks like this to everyone rather than giving trillion dollar stimulus and bailouts to the failing industries (who are laying people off anyway).

If we all had these masks and were forced to wear them, why couldn’t we just go about our lives in a much more normal manner, with minor precautions for times we had to take the masks off.

We could work in them
We could fly in them
We could go to fucking disneyworld in them we really wanted to go to disneyworld.

This would cause much less disruption to our lives and the economy as a whole.

I’m game.


Yes, you can contract when rubbing your eyes. Sterilize your hands in your car as you stated, and also wash them when you get home.
Use sunlight as your ally. Meaning, park your car outside in the sun if you can, instead of your garage. According to some reports, the virus can survive up to two weeks on hard surfaces. I think that would have to be ideal conditions for the virus. Meaning, indoors and a 65 to 80 degree room temp scenario.

On a personal health front, everyone should get outside and get UV rays over as much skin surface as possible (no shirt, just shorts). Raise Vitamin D levels in the body. Get color, not burning.
And, Vitamin C on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. That’s what I have my wife and kids doing.


Yes, we would be relying on modern medicine rather than our body’s natural ability to fight these viruses. That is correct.

But, isn’t that like saying “We shouldn’t vaccinate for polio, because we’d be eliminating our body’s ability to fight it ourselves”?

Personally, I don’t feel like I’ve given up any “freedom or liberty” because my parents were good enough to get me a shot when I was a baby. Seems like a bit of an exaggeration.

I don’t disagree with your sentiment towards parents overreacting to “little hiccups”, but pandemics and viruses that can kill us in massive numbers aren’t “little hiccups”. Vaccinations aren’t indications that we are "weak’. Vaccinations are ways to protect human beings from things that would otherwise kill or negatively impact all of us.

I appreciate the point and think there is something important you’re saying - absolutely. I don’t buy into the “BuT mUh FrEeDoM! MuH LiBeRtY!” stuff at all though.

I have no problem paying big pharma companies to inject me with a shot that prevents me from getting an extremely dangerous virus. I do not fear the extremist perspective in that regard.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against all vaccines… But a flu shot is one I’ll never get as long as I have my wits and I never get much more than seasonal sinus colds, sometimes those might be allergies. And our kids bring shit home often. The one that gets sick the most and for the longest was our oldest and he was breastfed for only a month. We do practice and try to teach good hand washing, sneezing and coughing techniques and other common sense. Like if your sick, stay away from others until you’re better.

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I get it - and I agree with you in the sense that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Protecting ourselves from these viruses does not help our body’s immune system to evolve and become stronger with each generation. That’s definitely a problem.

I guess it boils down to what we prefer as a species. Allowing a massive amount of us to get sick and allowing our bodies to learn to fight it which will result in something like 2%-7% of us dying, or relying on technology as a crutch to help us ward off these natural things in a bit of an unnatural way.

Maybe we can have both.

Allow those who don’t want to wear the mask and take the vaccination to inherit the risk & dedicate themselves to improving the human genome. Allow those who want to wear the mask to do so in order to curb the amount of people getting ill, which takes stress off of our 1st responders and medical personnel. Nothing is perfect, but we’d be getting a little bit of help from those on either side of the fence?

I know I’d be racing to the “give me a fn mask” line lol. But, I understand the counter point as well. I just believe in human beings and their ability to innovate and use technology as a crutch to improve all of our lives more than I believe in sacrificing millions to do so naturally I guess. No doubt your points are 100% valid and completely relevant though…definitely something to think about.

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Yeah - This is essentially what I’d love to see.

It’d be great if we could just go on living our lives with a bit of discomfort and annoyance to ensure we remain safe while we wait for a vaccine. If you wanted to do all of the things you mentioned, you certainly could with a higher level of safety than without using any sort of preventative practices.

It’d help the economy. It’d reduce the strain on 1st responders and hospitals. It’d allow us to go about our lives with some level of normalcy…er…at least as normal as one could feel wearing their snorkel mask on a roller coaster or at the grocery store lol. Nevertheless, it’d give us that opportunity.

I kind of want to reach out to a manufacturer and a group of physicians to see if this sort of invention would be effective and possible/affordable for the masses.

masks are not ineffective, but can be less effective than optimal. lots if good discussion, especially about sanitizing items and having wipes in your car. Wipe your keys everytime as you use them to get in…really it’s a game of “what did I just touch” in the process of doing whatever I’m a public enclosed or occupied space and working back to what you should wipe down.

Keep up the good ideas


Yeah great idea. Usually what people miss is the steps after they remove mask and glouse. The mask you mentioned is available online ? Lol 600 dollar , more than Er bill

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I have to run errands for my work. I’ve been able to recalibrate things to reduce my trips but I’ve also had a pretty thorough system that I hope reduces my risk.

1- I wear very light winter gloves going into the store. This is predominantly to remind myself not to touch my face.

2- I am militant about six feet. If someone is in my aisle I wait for them to leave before getting the item. If someone encroaches on my space I leave my cart in place and return when they disperse.

3- I target stores with self checkout at time times with small lines. I often wake up early if I have to go to Walmart to facilitate this.

4- if I have to use a cashier’s register I stand back as far as I can while using the credit card machine.

5- as soon as I get into my car I take off the gloves, grab a Clorox wipe and wipe down my keys, phone (sometimes I have to access my phone for shopping lists) and the steering wheel and then hand sanitizer my steering wheel.

  1. As soon as I get back to work I wash my hands. I suggest everyone watch a video on how surgeons wash their hands if they don’t know how already. I think this is an absolutely critical element. Washing your hands compulsively and correctly and social distancing really do need to be the stalwarts of our “counterattack”

I feel decent about this M.O. decreasing my risk but I have to tell you guys that out here in the Willamette valley there are still many people not taking this seriously enough. See way too much close talking and violation of personal space. To be honest I’ve been pretty disappointed to see this but the reality is that some aren’t going to be mobilized in their personal efforts until they are either forced to or things get truly ”doomsdayish.“

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I took grocery items from the back of shelves, instead of the front. Took 3 sanitized wipes in, wrapped 2 in the one I initially used (to keep it moist), and used it to wipe hands often. Also, holding breath or timed exhale when in proximity of/walking past past a breathing human (s). I wiped cart down for the next guy, before sliding cart into cart return. Wiped hands and steering wheel upon re-entry to truck.

Make connection with humans. In the store, people are looking at each other and/or avoiding each other like they are dangerous killing machines. Important to still love on strangers, even if from a distance. Be smart. Be strong. Be cautious. Remember to have fun. Remember to love other humans. One of the things that has the biggest impact on our immune system is stress. Another leading factor is sleep. Both will be impacted if you focus on fear. Manifest amazing health from an educated, cautious and empowered place.




lol, yes - that particular mask is very expensive because of the unique snorkeling experience it provides.

The mask I am describing would remove that snorkeling technology, and replace it with simple, inexpensive air filters. It shouldn’t cost any more than $50, tops - the mask I am describing. I used that one in particular for the look/design aspect of it. That’s not the expensive part, fortunately.

Because yeah, $600+ would be WAY out of reach for the average person.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’d take that mask too and like the idea. Better to be able to choose when to use it than not have the choice at all.


Watch this…

Bottom line: we get sick from any virus due to poor immune system. Which is directly related to how we eat, our physical activity levels etc…

If we go back to good eating habits and working out, we will get sick and our body will deal with it properly.

Also look up and research cell inflammation and how that is related to all this

Eating fast food and drinking anything outside water, milk and some tea is bad… and we sit too much and we don’t sleep enough.

We have done this to ourselves …

But that’s me