Cory Undlin new Lions DC

Eagles DBs were the worst part of the eagles… by far


Patricia just hiring his buddy… again


Don’t they all?

Who cares, Patricia runs the defense.

If there was any doubt this hire should erase it when looking at Undlin’s coaching resume.

yep, he’s just helping a buddy out by getting ‘DC’ on his resume.


Yeah… looks pretty SOL.


Came here to post this exact statement.


Eagles fans are thanking the Lions for taking away the coach of their horrendous secondary. Such a heartbreaking decision that will only secure the firing of MP, and give us another gut wrenching season.


I’m not saying Undlin is going to be a spectacular DC, but I don’t think the Eagles poor secondary play can be blamed solely on him. If I remember correctly, their secondary was depleted due to injuries.


If he is so horrendous, how did he last so long in Philadelphia?

I know the popular opinion is to say Patricia hired his buddy…although are your best buddies some guy you worked with for a year over 15 years ago?

Maybe nobody else said yes…who knows…

Right. Beyond that, Undlin was the secondary coach when the Eagles went to the Super Bowl and beat the Patriots.


man…thank GOD we didn’t hire wade phillips. who needs even an average defense nowadays?

You’re all forgetting the most important thing about this guy… He’s not overweight, so he must be good.


Damn… Well, hopefully he learned a lot from Schwartz and MP will listen to any input that may help. Unlikely…

More Patricia on Undlin & the Eagles’ secondary b4 Lions-Eagles. “I think those guys are just trying to understand the techniques that they’re teaching. Cory Undlin, who actually coaches the secondary, is a good friend of mine and I know he’s got those guys working really hard.”

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Not sure what to make of this but it is what it is.

No big name coordinator is coming here with Patricia being sort of a lame duck coach.

I’m hoping this guy will rush 4 and blitz more but doubtful if Patricia has his hands all over the defense.

Jeff McLane@Jeff_McLane
– Eagles reporter for Phila Inquirer,


Whenever I would ask players who internally could replace Jim Schwartz, Undlin was always the answer. Some seemed to want to blame the #Eagles CB issues on him. Not here. Personnel was the primary issue. This is a good opportunity for him, although he won’t initially call plays.


Bingo. My son is a big Eagles fan, and we agreed that only the Eagles secondary was worse than the Lions. Can we just fast forward to 2021, please?

Well there it is. The smoking gun. He probably didn’t even try to hire anyone else. It’s all about getting your boys more money!

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You and your son must not watch other shitty teams. Just look at the team playing yesterday, the Texans secondary is awful. I think Philly probably is somewhere in the middle of the pack.