Cory Undlin - still here?

Question - if he was that bad why keep him?

I get letting the new guys make that call but if he was that bad…

Every coach knows he is free to leave once their HC is gone. There is no need to fire anyone. If he has an opportunity to go somewhere, he can just like Bo Davis did. When the new HC is hired he’ll put his guys in and let go of those he doesn’t want to keep. There will be some retention, but not a lot. It’s safe to assume Undlin is looking for work. Perhaps he’ll reunite with Philly or Schwartz.

Yeah - but why hang around somewhere you feel your not wanted?

I’d have packed out my office by now - dropped a few jugs and thanks you and gone…

Meaning I wonder if there is a part of him that feels… welcome still?

Be being over critical

How do you know he hasn’t cleaned out his office and moved on?

He’s under contract.

If he waits to get canned, he gets to keep getting paid as a DC. If he quits, the money stops coming in.

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Thanks brother!

The fact that he’s still here suggests that the team is not hanging its failures on him and that he’s free to stick around to see if the new HC is interested in him.

Suppose Pederson is added to the list of candidates in the last minute. He was a DB coach potentially on his way to becoming Pederson’s DC. Do we fire and then re-hire?

Nobody’s interests are served by ousting the coaches before the HC has been hired and established his own staff.