Could poor interviews, board work hurt Tua Tagovailoa in NFL draft?

Of course, you can’t really trust anything anonymous scouts/front office personnel say this time of year. There’s always teams that will talk a player down in the hope that he will drop to them.

However, if true, the trade market may not be as robust.

I put this in the “Dan Marino smokes weed!” department. We will see come draft time. These QBs are going to come off the board so fast. Some weird team will trade up that we never expected, like maybe even Green Bay or the Pats.


Then you have Simms breakdown Tua’s play and why he ranks him behind Herbert …

I still think Tua goes before Herbert, but anything can happen, and i think all 3 are gone in the top 6 picks. There are too many teams that are Qb needy and they always get desperate at draft time. QB seems to be the position where GMs get the most crazy and make dumb mistakes. I slways think about the bears trading up one spot to grab Trubisky (lol) when Mahomes and Watson were sitting there.

If Herbert is the No. 2 guy on the Chargers board, and they fear the Dolphins will take him, it could force a trade up to No 3, then Tua lands in the Dolphins laps at No 5 or someone jumps ahead of the Dolphins at No 4.

That’s why there’s reason to be optimistic that there will be some trade market at No 3 if the first two picks are chalk—Burrow then Young.

Tua could be one of those guys that falls. Is anyone 100% sure this guy is going to be anywhere near the level of player he was at Alabama? Let’s not forget that he also has concussion concern as well.

I wouldn’t be that surprised if Tua drops to JAX at #9. If he doesn’t go there he could really fall.

I liked Trubisky coming out …I think he was rushed in and not ready. He is an example of what a Spread Offense QB that ran a heavy RPO system in College looks like as a QB in the wrong system. The one year starter was a knock on him but nothing leads me to believe he would have looked any less great had he started more…
What you watched on tape was pretty damn good …For him it did not translate to the next level because I think his tools (Weapons) were so, so and he is just really not good vs the blitz …The Offense and his targets depth is horrible, so safe…He needs out of Chicago and a fresh start as a Back up with promise.

The old reign of QBs is dissipating fast. Dalton, Ryan, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Stafford, etc. And the league is no longer set up for straight up pocket passers. I think those who wait to move on with the times, will be left in the dust.

This reminds me of the Lions trying to go west coast offense 15 years after it was hot and everyone had caught up to it.