Could the Lions draft a TE early? - Oh the thought!

I dread the thought but.

Let’s play what if …

What if Hocks injury is a big concern with the Lions medical staff. Is it possible the Lions could view TE as a bigger need than us fans do? Is it possible they could draft a TE in the first 4 rounds of this draft?

Keep in mind Logan Thomas is a FA too. So we do need at the very least some depth. Unless we think Nauta is the guy.

I was (am) very much against taking a TE early in last years draft. Over the last 10-year span, there have been an average of only 5.1 tight ends off the board within the top 100 picks. Yet we draft one top 10 (twice) In that 10 year span 146 TE’s (14.6 per year) have been drafted overall.

Thank god there isn’t one projected to be worthy of a top 10 pick. I fear BQ could duplicate that mistake… ugh!

But let’s for a second assume the Lions want to add a TE to the mix to help double down on our two TE sets. Who would you like them to draft and in what round?

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Oh Stop!

I’d be pissed off if we did , we are already talking WR, RB at bare minimum , plus O-line, and we need to make our defense strong. you don’t do that by taking a TE early or later, but you take a draft pick that ‘could-have-been’ used to strengthen your defense. IMO our defense was THAT bad and we fell on our face in 2019. We have to have 3 or 4 solid playmakers placed on it this offseason… cannot wait until free agency.

What if we went all defense in FA?

Would you’d be against a draft where we would go… QB round one and then surround that QB with a bunch of talent?

QB - Love, Tua or Herbert
RB - Taylor, Swift, Dobbins
WR -
OG -
TE -
OT -

I cringe at the possibility… lol

I have contemplated a draft where we trade down with Miami for their 39 and 56 and using the 3 second round picks on RB, WR and OG.

I wouldn’t think so. Because I think the Lions already have a young up-and-comer at TE in Isaac Nauta.

He was consistently seeing the field by the end of the season, and I would expect more from him going forward. I can’t tell you why neither Matthew Stafford nor Darrell Bevell want to use their TEs, but then again, I can’t tell you why we took a TE at 8th overall when that’s the case.

Why are you stirring up shit?

Hockenson can study under the new tight end . This will end up like Milen picking recivers every year

LOL i like what you did there. Taylor Swift at RB.

Is talking TE’s taboo?

It should be.

I don’t know if I could endure it.

Here is the latest on Hockenson
Then I think resigning Logan Thomas would be a higher priority. Not too expensive and knows the offense.

yes I would. I’ve stated again and again about the starting QB prospects, how I didn’t like any of them, I even stated the reasons why to each one…going further yet I said I’d rather not go starting QB shopping THIS offseason. .

I’d pass on taylor, because he put the ball on the ground too much even before he reached a professional level. I’m a scrub man and even I can sit back abeforend see all the flaws these QB’s had: Tua , Burrows , Love, and Herbert yet everybody is gizzing their pants over these guys.

last season our defense fell into the 30th ranked defense, so I address IT …/before QB.

He who stirs the pot, must lick the spoon.

This is spam of the highest order! Lol

Seriously though, with Jesse James on the roster why would we even explore such a thing…sarcasm. Last season he was every bit the robber/ thief as his namesake, too bad they can’t cut him and draft another rd 1 TE

I guess it’s too touchy of a subject for most.

Probably near the level of politics… lol

Yeah I probably should have left off the dig at taking a TE top 10. I guess I’m still a little scorned about that.

But on a very serious note. We’re expected to lose Logan Thomas in FA. (Arguably our best TE last year) Our top FA grossly underperformed and our top 10 draft pick is coming off the IR where he had surgery. He’s an unknown at this point.

I’m wondering … what if Hock isn’t going to be ready to go at the start of the season?

Then factor in how the TE group performed last year. A group that we put the most resources into fixing. Is it not a fair question to ask if TE could or should be on our radar?

Yes, but you said “draft a TE early” and that causes involuntary spasms in Lions’ fans.

Got it … leave the words draft and early out of the same sentence.

Here’s one TE that thinks he’s a fit here.

I will watch him in the drills. What do you know about him?