Could Will Harris be moving to CB?



Does this mean we are going to a money ball situation?


Would this not be what you want from a 3rd safety that we play in all these nickel/dime packages? Slay on #1, Coleman on slot and walk Harris down on the other outside WR or TE with Quinn and Walker over the top


Quinn is gone.


AKA Big Nickel if I’m not mistaken.


Urgh…sleep deprivation…Quandre. my bad.


Wasnt that your wrestling character name?


LOL. My wrestling name wasn’t NEARLY as cool as that.


Lions hope Will Harris can replace Glover Quin but as a different style of safety


I’ve heard them call it the Buffalo Nickel!


I believe the Lions will leave him as a Safety at least for his 1st year in the league, so he doesn’t have to learn more than one position in addition to the adjustments of playing on the NFL. Kind of like Crosby, get the guy to be proficient at one spot before you work him out at another. But down the road, why not? They love versatile guys that can play more than one spot.


Dime Bag D’Onofrio