Cousins graduated yesterday,how about stafford?

Get lost weirdo.

Flame bait!!!

Don’t bite, guys! This isn’t even real. Just an argument piece.

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You got it brother!

Now I don’t have to post it!!

Don’t forget about his cap hit. I heard Stafford’s hit is 125% of the cap. We can only field other players who want to pay us to play. That’s how the Flowers deal is working, right?

Lions fans do not deserve Stafford.


It was up to Stafford to build a team or he need more money , read this link

I’ve always believed this

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Stafford is not CLOSE to highest-Paid QB anymore, yeah he might get three times QB’s that just been around 1-4 seasons .

Cousins success relies heavily on play action and YAC. Neither of which are a bad thing but to say Dalvin Cook doesn’t help with the passing game you are off-base.

He’s not suddenly airing it out this season, either. So far, he ranks 22nd in average air yards (7.6), so his throws are collectively shorter than those of most NFL starters. But he is tied for 17th in average air yards on completions (5.9) and 11th in completion air yards per attempt (4.1)1 — ahead of Garoppolo (3.8) and Patrick Mahomes (3.9) and just one slot behind Jackson (4.2). So while Cousins isn’t chucking it very far downfield overall, he’s generating more downfield yardage per throw than most of this season’s most effective passers.

Cousins is also fifth in yards after catch per completion (6.1), so his receivers are catching his passes with room to turn upfield and run. That may have something to do with his high on-target throw percentage (80.4 percent), which ranks sixth. He’s also second in the league in total yards off play-action, with 1,110.

Cousins was a winner in college , he even beat russel Wilson in college . If anybody know better, did Stafford win anything meaningful starting from college ?Stafford at one point didn’t even like the idea of qb coach and even team meetings between players . Question is not about his ability , it’s all about leadership to take it to next level and overall improving the team . I Am a sports man ,I know how much captains leadership impact in knock out games

He beat MSU in the capital one bowl, Cousins was the backup :joy:

Capital bowl translate to 8-8 wild card in nfl

And Russell Wilson beat Kirk Cousins for the big ten championship… And then cousins lost in the capital one bowl the next week… So what’s that? 6-10? :joy:

I am not hopeful with cousin for the next one , he and Minnesota’s defense struggle in outdoor.6-10 , you like that :blush:? Cheer with me

Put Stafford on that team and they win the Super Bowl.

We had a year where we could have won super bowl , nfc north was complete waste . Lions was loaded in all areas with home field for us to win nfc north . Who made mistakes in that game ?

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I don’t know if we deserve a team sometimes

We banned him 48 times on the old Scout site. He had the same IP as REM Rebound from back in the day. Trolling hard.

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Dumbest argument there is, just what player did we not sign because of his contract ? Gezz we’ve had left over money for God’s sake. Ur hate for Stafford continues to make u look rediculous.

These are the kinds of inflammatory posts that make message boards go up in flames.
Should be deleted…it’s not an opinion piece, it’s just designed to promote arguments, not conversation.

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