Cowboys vs Giants

Awesome Dak! Fist play, int.

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3-3 though. Lot of time for him to make up for it

But he’s a top 5 QB!:rofl::rofl:

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sack, fumble, let’s see what else…

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Cat has been the most entertaining part of the game tonight

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The season is a marathon…

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Depends on which team you are talking about…

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He means the season is really long and hard…like Lexington Steele.


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Ok, well for us, the jockeying for draft position is a marathon then.

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Yep…where will we pick…12th…8th…4th???

How is that not pass interference? Unbelievable

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If they won’t call that pass interference on Dallas they are never gonna flag a guy on a challenge.

That was completely, blatantly, obviously Pass Interference and they just refused to call it.

I would be teaching all the DBs to jump on the receiver a second before the ball gets there. Ridiculous

It is obvious that NFL HQ in NY does not want to enforce the rule that they put in after the NFCC game.


They can still call it on the field.

But what this is showing is that if they DON’T call it on the field…NY is NOT gonna call it on a challenge.

Unless it is the Packers or Dallas in a playoff game. Then they will call it on a challenge

Playoff game? Go back and look at the Vikings touchdown get wiped off the board against the Packers. The Packers are one of the only teams so far to benefit from the new rule. Imagine that…just like we said.


I think there was only one pass interference over turned this season. Painful for any football fan that watches or plays the game.

If you are a coach for Dallas or Green Bay that’s a great coaching job. If you are the coach of the Lions…you are going to get burned damn near every time with that coaching point.


Wow! D PI. Both players pushing and shoving. This game is getting hard to watch…

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Like the Giants got called for Ticky Tack right there.

Refuse to call the obvious one on review, but call that bullshit on the Giants


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