Cowherd Comments Detroit Lions


At this point, I am happier with the Bevell hire than I would be with Linehan.

I would take Linehan over JBC any day.


FWIW, Cowboys fans constantly complain about Linehan being predictable and bland.


My take on people like Cowherd has been simplified. He’s never played any sports in his life. Ever. And in and of itself, that isn’t a bad thing. I maxed out in high school, as I’m guessing most of us did. The point is Cowherd is just a guy with a take, who happens to have a mic because he’s a decent communicator. I don’t even listen any longer. I put much more stock in former players.*

*Excludes Heath Evans


Cowherd is annoying., He hammers the point in with excessive repetition. 5 minutes of content in 30 minutes. His assertions are too strong. I listened to him a few times in Portland here as local guy (KFXX) and that was enough.


I record his TV show on FS1 on my DVR. 90% of the time he opens the show talking about the Lakers. I quickly zoom over that stuff and only listen for football content.
I think he is pretty entertaining. Some of his logic is flawed, but it’s bent for his listening audience.
He does mention that he did play high school sports. Nondescript athlete and he makes that fairly clear.
When Jim Harbaugh gave him the cold shoulder a few years ago, I could tell that really affected Cowherd, because he talked about it for a long time.