Cowlin Cowherd - QBs in 1st Round

He tends to be an arrogant blowhard…

But just now, he suggested that Oregon’s Justin Herbert - because of his size, arm, inferior receiving talent (compared to LSU and Alabama), and Senior Bowl performance…will trigger a tradeup-fest, between the Panthers, Chargers and of course, Dolphins.

IF that plays out, obviously, we cannot remain @ 3.

Your thoughts?..

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If he is that good then we need to draft him.

I see the why we should look at the prospect of taking a QB.

But… remember history so you don’t repeat it:

Story line have differences like Matty was stubborn is starting Brees to start a meaningless game. And MP benched Matt to avoid this very thing imho.

But brees went on after this horrific, one of a kind injury and excelled. It would be just like us to trade Matt and he goes on to win the SB a time or two ina new team and wed be a Rivers type scenario where we still never make it there.

I only like the idea of keeping Matt and brining ina WB to groom over the next 2-3 yrs like with Arron Rodgers. Otherwise no AB this draft.

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Remember Teams are now looking at QB’s based on amount of money that can be saved for rookies an the savings used to pay other solid players going into second contracts.

All the experienced QBs that we seem to think will be floating around example Rivers ,Brady are not going to get huge money IMO. Big money by fan standards but not as much as in past.

But will teams needing a QB even pay them half of what they would have gotten in past when they could draft a QB an have that QB for 5 or even 6 years with a tag for like half of what a Rivers may want?

I think Lions will get a wind fall of picks for #3 We can’t at this time as much as some want to trade even Matt ( the cost ) But it is a chance to fill needs along with few FA signings with some stud players.

So fans should forget Matt going anywhere for couple years an look at trying to fill with this draft 3 or 4 studs an 2 or 3 solid players with trades.

I would like us to sign as a FA a CB my choice would be 4 or 5 year contract

James Bradberry, CB, Panthers. Age: 27

I would attempt to extend Slay 2 more years if possible.

we are not sure yet about Snacks I think he will come back for a year.

I would try an Add D.J. Reader DT in FA even if Snacks is coming back.

I would try resign Tavon Wilson are special team guys

But heading into draft would be nice to have are 3 starting CB signed for 3 more years.


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You have a trade down offer on the table from a quarterback needy team. You also have Chase Young sitting there at #3. What do you do? The extra picks are definitely amazing and could help a lot. But what if we are passing on the next great generational pass rusher which might be our biggest need right now…

I am torn at what I would do as of now.

Thank god for Justin Herbert blowing it up at the senior bowl and giving us this great problem to have.

The good news is that Wash will be the team with that decision to make not DET.

At 2 I expect that Wash either traded or took Young. So at 3 the Lions will have either Young or a trade partner. Not both. Which should make it much easier on BQ.

I assume it will be take Brown or trade down.

I don’t feel the brass see it as necessary to draft a DT that high, I believe they look at the secondary (Okudah), then a hybrid NT/3T in the second (Gallimore) then another NT later pending Snacks decision.

I fucking wish we were a semblance of a team that is on the rise and had been playoff contenders the last two years . We are picking 3rd for God’s sake.
I love the idea of grooming a QB behind Matt , Matt seemed to embrace the young guys who started games for us , would he do so for a possible successor , early round Franchise QB prospect ?
Regardless I love Herbert and would be ecstatic to land him here for the future , a future that would not start for a minimum of 2 more years, 3 or 4 even if Stafford plays at Stafford’s level.
Will we ? I don’t see it . This team has a franchise QB in hand that needs talent and not a BU QB in the 1st round .
Someone (A GM) besides me (Not a GM) is going to fall in love with Herbert regardless of what happens at #2
We will be able to trade out of #3 . I want to drop no further than #5 in order to land a blue chip prospect. It would be a crime to sacrifice a blue chip prospect for and abundance of quantity over quality . I want Okudah at #5 after the trade down, Chase at #3 would be great and I would welcome it .

I’m a Borrows skeptic and value Herbert much more …just my opinion and that is no secret . It really irked me that he made the comments he has in regards to he is willing to play for anyone …that did not irk me it’s the reason he gave …“Who ever is willing to pay me” even if it’s true and probably is for most …the answer you give is not …" for the money"… The money is a given , saying you want to bring the Bengals a Championship , that it’s been a dream of your own to do so, or really for any team , the love of the game stuff …We will see how it shakes out.

I was listening to Golic and Wingo this morning with Nick Mangold as their special guest. They asked which opponent was his biggest challenge and he didn’t hesitate to answer Wilfork. I believe his response was something along the lines of not knowing which Vince you were going to get from snap to snap… The one that’s impossible to move or the one that’s going to thump you and rip by you.

We’ve talked on the board (in between all the retarded threads started by trolls) about the D-line, the multiple system and the individual strengths and weaknesses of our own guys. Couple that with the amount of money they dropped on Daniels and even Snacks… I’m starting to wonder just how much they might actually value Brown. He has the ability to rush, though not consistently enough to be considered an elite interior rusher. He also has the ability to stand up to double teams. That combo isn’t automatic in a DT. I’m not as certain that Okudah is the pick as I was a week ago. We’ll have to wait and see.

Every time Herbert’s name comes up I ask his supporters to direct me to a single real football game that he played well against a quality opponent.

Then after nobody responds I go back to thinking that Herbert is really Blaine Gabbert in disguise.

You’d think the NFL would run fingerprints of prospects to prevent this kinda thing after “Leon Sandcastle”


Man was that guy fast … lol

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Lions are in a unique position:

Washington takes Young - Lions have the trade position.
Washington trades down and Lions get Young or still are in a trade position if two teams still interested.

This is how I see the team needs today:

QB - Depth Need - Backup and Developmental possibly
RB - Starter/Rotational - a durable potential starter
WR - Starting Slot/Upgrade - Amendola or a replacement like Sanders
OT - Starter/Depth - depending on if they choose to make the move now.
OG - Depth/Developmental - Glasgow is a nice piece, but not likely retained.
TE - Depth/Developmental - 2nd/3rd string
ER - Starter - Flowers decent, but need pressure from both sides
DT - Starter/Depth - Snacks is good when healthy, but need penetration from the inside next to him
LB - StarterS - this is a horrible group, but Davis is the biggest problem
CB - Starter - outside opposite Slay, veteran or Okudah early
S - Depth/Upgrade - Winfield would be a nice addition

Overall I see Starters needed at ER (Young), CB (Okudah), LB (Simmons) and RB (Taylor/Swift/Dobbins) with WR Jeudy/Ruggs/Johnson), OT (Jones/Wanogho/Adams), DT (Brown/Kinlaw) as the spots a quality upgrade at Starter would be nice. Health is a big question mark with Snacks, Hand, Hockenson and re-signings like Amendola, Slay (going nowhere) and Glasgow bringing tough decisions for the team. That many priorities usually comes down to what the HC and GM value most. Watching what they like to do puts CB, DT, LB as the three spots they covet most. They are in great shape regardless of which route they take, but I would see LB as the least likely due to the lack of definition as to where Simmons fits best. Brown and Okudah are easy plug ins. While I would love to see a scenario where Jeudy is picked, it would like a heck of a FA and TD situation. IMO it is a total waste to lack WR talent with Stafford’s arm being our best hope. There simply isn’t a WR on the roster you can count on to get open and cause the defense to panic.