Crazy Trade Idea With The Saints

Complete wild speculation but I would do this deal, how about you?

NO. We don’t need Kamara nearly as much as we need help on defense. Young or Okudah, maybe Simmons but they do not need an RB that bad. Ditto QB. Ditto WR. They need to get much better on Defense, a lot more than they need to improve on Offense.

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The fact that I read this is revealing about how addicted to the Lions I may be.

To me, this would essentially free up the 2nd round pick to do something else with. Saints will have a good team, and their first from next year, is almost like a high 2nd. I am hoping for a much better offer.

No, not a fan of this. Kamara is great but not getting younger.

As a fan I’d like them to do it. Kamara is fun to watch. I like watching star running backs. The end.

From a business perspective I’d need them to throw in another player or two. Drop next year’s 1st and throw in Ramczyk and I’m sold.

Kamara was pretty toasted with injuries last year.

I would hate it. Hate it.

Trading for a RB just before he’s due to be paid - and right after we’ve seen how badly it goes when you pay a RB - is what bad teams do.


Would you do their 1, 3, Ak and Ramczyk?

I don’t consider Kamara to be just a RB. Therefore I find paying him top dollar much more palatable.

I wouldn’t. I just don’t value a RB about to enter his second contract. I’d far rather be the team trading one of those away and drafting a rookie, since rookies can hit the ground running. Kamara’s good, but the name on the jersey almost doesn’t matter (maybe I’d do it for Barry or Saquon).

I think you’d have to give me this year’s 1st, next year’s 1st, next year’s 2nd, a 3rd and Ramczyk and then I might consider it. Getting all the way up to 3 should cost a ton from where they are.

Kamara is pretty much Austin Ekeler…just not as durable. He’s a good back…but not top 5 in the league…and certainly not a workhorse as he showed last year. He’s going to want top 5 money though.

If he would take Ekeler money…I could maybe get on board if they added another 2nd rounder.

They would have to add quite a bit more for me to move to 1-24 this year without knowing what kind of money Kamara is going to want.

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Kamara is a much better player than Austin Ekeler.

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I agree that it should be cost prohibitive to move up. I view Ramczyk and Kamara as both top five guys at their positions though. Seems you may differ in that belief.

On second thought I do think I’d need next year’s first as well.

But two elite starters, another likely starter at 24 (Kristian Fulton) and another 3rd (so that we can draft both Duvernay and Pittman of course :grinning:) plus two first rounders next year sounds pretty enticing.

I agree with this part. The Saints draft too low for me to be interested in their draft picks. Besides, the Lions are in a good position to draft a RB in Round 2 or 3.

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I do like Ramczyk… I don’t know about top 5 at the position but I think he’d definitely be an upgrade and he’s still plenty young enough too. No problem including him.

Kamara would make me very nervous. Going back to his college days I think he’s just as injury-prone as Kerryon, I think he’s something of a product of a very clever schemer and an offense that most people still defend pass-first, and I worry he’ll never be anything more than a 1b. He’s got exceptional hands and contact balance, so I think as long as he was healthy he would contribute for us, I just think he’d cost too much in relation to his production.

I think he’s much better than Kerryon in the passing game and in the red zone. AK’s exceptionally underrated in the red zone.

Let’s say you can lock him up for 12m per. If he can function as a number 3 WR and a number 1 back then I think that is worth it.

Barkley, McCaffrey, Kamara … those are the types of RBs I’d pay top dollar for.

I do value the position more than most though.

Up until last year I would agree.

Kamara has more talent…but that doesn’t automatically make him a better player.

Oh yeah, then you definitely rate him higher than I do. I don’t think he’s in the same class as McCaffrey or Saquon. I don’t think he can function as a #1 back on his own, and I think he’d find the sledding much rougher in Detroit than he did in New Orleans.

I do value the position quite a bit actually - or I guess it’s fairer to say I value the running game as a whole - it’s just that I don’t value individual players at the position. I think a good running game is more a product of scheme, offensive line, and playcalling, which is why Shanahan can basically plug any RB in and find success, same as his dad used to do back in the Denver days (Olandis Gary? Mike Anderson? Rueben Droughns?).

I do absolutely think you can scheme a running game but I also think that AK is a creative runner who when healthy consistently makes something out of nothing.

I wouldn’t take him before McCaffrey or Barkley of course

To be honest you follow this stuff at a much more granular level than I do so I may be way off.

As stated part of my thought process was just “boy would he be fun to root for.” Can you imagine using both him and KJ at the same time? A creative OC could give opposing DCs headaches

Heh, I do that too it’s just at different spots. For me it would be at the receiver position, I’d love to add a guy like Jeudy to the mix just to be able to watch Stafford go hogwild. I wouldn’t, but it’s super tempting.