Crosby likely to start today at LT

LT has become a serious problem and I can’t see the Lions going into next year with Decker starting.

We have to get better play at LT. I doubt Crosby can step up to the plate.

I really think before the day is over you’ll see Wiggins over there. He’s no savior but he played well at tackle (no so well at guard) during the preseason

Dahl was a OT in college.

We’re looking at bandaid on a bullet home fixed at this point. With the season already started, I wonder what Washington would want for Trent Williams. He’s made it clear he will not play for them again because he doesn’t trust their training and medical staff.

Maybe it’s Bill Cosby starting at LT. In that case, we’ll see Bosa getting very tired during the game.


So far he hasn’t looked too bad.

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Believe only one hold, didn’t result in anything bad.

Real happy with his performance today considering who he was up against!

He played better than Decker did last week but that’s not saying much

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Crosby played well! I’m curious to see his PFF rating for the game.

I would second that, Crosby showed why the Lions kept him on the roster after that terrible preseason.

Our OL played pretty well today.

Yeah, did the chargers even get a sack.

Damn you Snags. I should not have given you a like for that, but I did. I hope you know both of us are going to Hell now.

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Don’t think so, not a lot of pressures or hurries either. This OL is still not good at run-blocking, not sure if they ever will be, but the pass pro was good today. What a turnaround from how he played in the PS games.

As many have noted, he looked solid considering what was asked of him.

I hope they continue until Decker is healthy.

I don’t give a rip what PFF has to say. He played like a different dude today. Night and day from the the lethargic, confused dude we saw in pre-season.

Thought he played well.

OT Crosby’s production today may instill a little more confidence in Him by the Lions Coaches, and in Crosby himself. Good to see Crosby get extended time (When it counts, for a whole game, not garbage time), to see what, if any, improvements he has made from last season. Now, he’s got some tape!!..IMO, this will do wonders in Crosby’s personal confidence level, especially playing against some Elite Pass Rushers from the Chargers. Additionally, the Lions may have a little more insurance, in case, either Decker or Wagner have to sit out a game or more. The question I have to ask, is Crosby more of a LT or RT?..To date, he seems more comfortable on the Left Side…Also, the week off gives Decker a chance to heal up more physically AND Mentally. Maybe, Crosby’s good play today will incentivize Decker to greatly improve his play whenever his next start happens.