Current Lions Draft Picks

This is up to the moment and what is known:

Round 1 - 3rd overall
Round 2 - 35th overall
Round 3 - 67th overall
Round 3 - 85th overall
Round 4 - 109th overall
Round 5 - 149th overall
Round 5 - 166th overall
Round 6 - 182nd overall
Round 7 - 235th overall

2 things, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions trade down with somebody at #3, say down to #5 with the Dolphins, who give them #5 and #26. Maybe we throw in a late round pick dunno. I’d love that, they could get either Okudah or Brown or Simmons at #5 and then get a CB or DT at #26 and #35.

With that many picks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn doesn’t trade back up at some point and take a good RB, OT, WR, whatever.


And the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

If the Lions trade down to No. 5 with the Dolphins, I’m not expecting them to give up either 1st Rd pick. More likely, No. 39 and/or a lower round pick.

Great, more picks for Quinn to whiff on…

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Does this account for the supposed swapping of Pics with the Pats for Duron???


I can’t agree this is correct. We know the compensation was a third and a fifth from the eagles. We already had two fifths. The other trade was moving back in a round from what I understood, trading picks within a round. That means we should have three fifth round picks and two third round picks, none in the seventh and we should have moved off the third pick in one of the rounds to an differing later pick in that same round.

Don’t get snarky on me. The difference between #3 and #5 is about 500 points on the chart I saw. The value of #26 is 700 points and if they really want Tua ahead of another team they just might bite on that.

The Lions do not need more picks, they need better picks, as in the earlier rounds. Faced with the possibility that the Chargers may well jump in front of them with us, I would not be surprised if the Lions don’t get the offer from Miami that I suggested. And it may be that the Lions sweeten the deal by throwing in one of their later picks.

We swapped pics with NE, right? Maybe we gave up a 5th and got a 7th?

That’s what happened, I’m pretty sure.

Re-read that phrase again Wise and you will understand the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor comment better.

Hint: The Chargers pick 6th and don’t have another selection until No. 37 overall in Round 2.

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if we traded from the fifth for a seventh, I never saw it reported.

Gave up No. 172 (the Diggs 5th Rd pick), for Harmon and No. 235 overall.

I meant the Dolphins, screwed up there. They have #5 and #26, right? Do they want Tua? Wouldn’t surprise me if they made that offer. They got a total make-over going on down there.

I could be wrong, then, I can admit that. Thought moving back in a round was what we did.

It was reported as a swap of picks if I remember right, but they didn’t specify which ones until later.

You know what? With this many picks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn doesn’t move back up in the 2nd or 3rd round to get a good RB. Or DL, Or WR. Or OG. Better not be a punter that early. Or a snapper. LOL, I can only take so much.

You’re a good poster. Just giving you a few raspberries. I knew what you meant.


Justin Rogers reported it this morning.

So, drafting a punter is out of the question with that extra third?
We may draft one with that seventh round pick.
Or a long snapper with a sixth round pick.
Seriously, someone thinks we need to sign a Free Agent punter.
Getting an udfa is definitely out of the question.

Ian Rapoport


In pre-draft news: Last week, when the #Dolphins brought in players before the league closed facilities, source said their first call was to #Bama QB Tua Tagovailoa to try to bring him in. The logistics didn’t work out for a visit, but that was their goal. MIA picks No. 5.


Justin Rogers


Detroit Lions draft picks after their two recent trades become official: 3, 35, 67, 85, 109, 149, 166, 182 and 235.

The new ones: 85 & 166 for Slay plus 235 with Harmon

Old one: 172 (from Seattle for Diggs) for Harmon

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