Current Roster and Depth Chart & Future Plans

Whats it look like as of this morning and what would you all like to see happen?

I would love for Chase Young to drop to #3 or trade back for Simmons and sign a veteran RB (mentor the young guys), pass rushing specialist, and trade Slay for a 3rd round realistically.

I’d like a new FB or H-Back
WR that can challenge for the #3 spot right away.
OT and OG depth (or even an OG starter)
A serious Edge threat.
Another big in the middle that can apply significant pressure.
An athletic LB in the mold of Collins.
A #1 CB

I thought Okwara was a free agent?

No, sir. He’s a Lion for a couple more years.

Well future plans, with regards to upcoming draft, could get more interesting.

Adam Schefter



Exact Eagles’ picks being sent to Detroit in exchange for CB Darius Slay: No. 85 and No. 166. Lions now have five of the top 85 picks. And there could be a windfall more if another team decides to trade for the third overall pick.

166 or 167?

How do we have 5 in the top 85. Am I missing something?

When they trad #3 to Miami for #5 and #18…obviously! :rofl:

He was wrong, 4 not 5.

Curious to see how many of these trades or FA signings get cancelled due to failed physicals, which, due to the virus, isn’t happening until later.

When you consider we don’t know how much longer the “life on hold as we knew it” lasts, it could play havoc with the draft and ultimate team make up as well.

Good point. I’ve been thinking about it in terms of only how it’s complicating things, not really thinking about these guys actually failing a physical.