Current Salary Cap Situation/Analysis

by Justin Rogers


I love following the Salary cap! Gives another perspective when evaluating a player and his value to the roster.

-do some jumbled math in my head so I feel a little smartier about myself. (<—new word)
-then wait for Deadstroke to post the correct cap information

It’s my formula for keeping up-to-date. Been working great for years!


I suspect most of what is done from here will be a stop gap cheap player type or two and maybe one more quality free agent in the 4-7 mil range max.

Bottom line we’re pretty much done unless we get creative with the cap.

Here’s an article that breaks it down a little better if you ask me.

We have 22 mil left. We will need to sign draft picks with some of that. Then BQ like to have a little cushion too.

OTC has us at $43.5M
Kearse $2.75M
McRae $1.5M
Trufant $9M
Killebrew $1M???
Add back $2.7M for $675K players currently counting in top 51
Plus I think he’s $2M short on our carryover from 2019

43.5+2.7+2-2.75-1.5-9-1=$34M under

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Is that 2.75 mil thing part of the new CBA?

If so I didn’t think that ook effect until next season?

To be honest I’m not really sure how that works and who qualifies but I know each team gets to designate two veteran players. Or something like that. Is this the same thing or two separate things?

Enlighten me please if anyone knows.

During the offseason, only the top 51 players cap charges count against the salary cap. If we add the cap charges for the 4 players not on OTC’s cap calculation, we now have 55 players, so we need to take out the bottom 4 players cap costs ($675K per player)

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Then you take out $10-12 mil for the rookies and another $10 mil or so for contingencies during the season and you’re down to $10-12 mil left to spend.

Ok I’m following you.

There’s also a new rule in the CBA where teams get to designate two veteran players and receive a cap credit. But I don’t know the details or when it takes effect.

It’s called the VSB (Veteran Salary Benefit) I love that they did this ! It is available this year in 2020

It allows teams to keep it’s own veteran players, players that have been on your roster for 4 years continuously . It’s a $1.25 Mill exemption on the cap yearly that raises slightly over the CBA deal that can be used every year on one or two players not to exceed the dollar amount and only applies to players that you resign on a one year deal.

(Example) Marvin Jones: Currently a Lions WR going into his 5th year here in 2020 …in 2021 we could sign Marvin to a 1 year deal at $8.25 Million and drop his cap hit to $7 Million…

The idea …the veteran player you would prefer to keep that would be a $1.75 Million dollar cap hit on a 1 year deal that you pass on for the minimum contract street FA for $500k , you instead sign the current Vet and keep him at the same cap hit while paying him $1.75 Mill

Love that they are looking out for a the fringe vet player .


That’s the one I was referring too. Thanks

I thought I read that it took effect next year?

Anyway so someone like Sam Martin could be retained by this. Maybe we could use it on Killebrew or the Mule. Ultimately it brings a few more millions into the spending availability.

It’s available to use this year. I found this article and the Cowboys used it on a player today …