Current Salary Cap

According to Jeff Risdon,

In his detailed breakdown and spreadsheet of the Lions spending, which includes the agreed-upon but officially unsigned free agent deals, out Erik Schlitt estimates the Lions with about $22.1 million in available cap room. That includes the rookie pool BTW.

That’s still plenty to work with for GM Bob Quinn, if they truly covet more free agent signings. As Schlitt notes, Quinn typically reserves about $10 million in insurance/cushion to have some flexibility during the season.

I think there will be more signings, mostly small ones but who knows, maybe a big one in there somewhere. Maybe even a trade, we got 9 picks right now. Maybe we get somebody for a pick.

I vote Suh.


I want Griffen. I think he still has something.
I also want Logan Ryan

Screw it, bring back Suh




Screw it, why not. When we go 5-11, at least we will enjoy it when he stomps on some Packers’ nuts. :joy:

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Sign Timmy Jernigan or Mike Daniels, Ronald Darby, and Dorsett/Perriman. All cheap.

Suh so i can wear my 2 jerseys again

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I would take some of that off the table to extend Golladay right now.