Curtis Weaver 2019 NCAA Sack leader

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Needs to display the latter more often. Like I said needs to show bend…more!

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Just seeing the picture of the video link he looks super soft… is he actually flexing his biceps?? Looks like a fat girl bicep flex to me.

I used to play basketball with Tank Lawrence and Tyrone Crawford (both with the Cowboys) when they were at Boise State. They were both built like 5 year NFL vets when they were in college. Weaver still has to lose some fat but I think he will still play at 265 lbs once he gets to the NFL. The big thing is he has great burst and you simply can’t teach that. If you could, there would be a lot more high performing DEs.

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I watched the available highlights and never saw that any team game planned against him. If you have something that shows different I would appreciate it if you could post it because I don’t hate the guy but I’m just not seeing what some people are saying about him. He plays in the “Las Vegas Bowl” against a fairly pedestrian Washington team this Saturday night for anyone who is interested. I look at him as a situational player, a 3rd down specialist. His first step IS very quick, it reminds me of Jared DeVries who also had a great first step. That works until the guy across from you figures out how to counter, which in the pro’s usually doesn’t take that long. OR, if you have that step and bend and hands and muscle you get double teamed fairly quickly if you are winning over and over. And maybe Weaver has those qualities, we’ll see. His numbers at the combine will also be very important. If he measures under 6’3", or is slower than advertised, or puts up low numbers on the bench, etc, it will all matter. On the flip side it only takes 1 team to jump up. I’ll be watching Saturday night, interesting prospect for sure.

The problem with highlight tapes right now is they only show positive highlights. You will see more on Weaver the closer we get to the draft where teams slid over a RB or TE to help out. The biggest thing teams did (according to the Boise State coaches and some of the players I talked with) is they went primarily to 3-step drops to get the ball out quicker. For example, watch the Boise State vs. San Jose highlights where most of Josh Love’s completion were off 3-step drops from the shotgun position. Weaver only had one sack and 1 TFL in that game.

Another thing you will see in these full game highlights is that for some inexplicable reason the Boise State coaches dropped Weaver in coverage quite a bit. Watch the play in the clip below at roughly the 11:30 point. Weaver starts at the line but immediately drops back (I have no idea who he is supposed to cover on that play).

I saw him drop in coverage vs Colorado State and he dropped back and just stood there, he wasn’t covering anyone. So thinking that he might be anything but a 4-3 DE is going to be a tough sell IMO.

It was the same in the San Jose game. They had him drop back at times when there was only a WR on his side. Not sure what the expected him to do. The bigger question is why in the world you would have one of the best rushers in the NCAA drop back on any down?

By the way, The Ringer mock draft has him going at 12 to Atlanta. Earlier in the season, I was hoping we could get him at the top of the 2nd. I think 12 is too high but will now be surprised if he doesn’t go in the first.

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Well, for me, going in the first is still a stretch. Looking forward to the game Sat. night and what he shows at the combine.

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Just started watching and that TD was on his side and he got no push at all vs a TE. For what I saw of the drive he had zero impact.

You asked before for examples on teams planning for Weaver. You saw it tonight. UW rarely threw without moving a TE to his side. Hatada really benefited from that as he had a career night. As usual. the the Boise State DC had him dropping in coverage quite a bit. I’m sure there is a reason for it but I don’t get it. I’m glad Weaver paid but he had to have the draft on his mind. Maybe he will drop to the 2nd now.

He wasn’t constantly double teamed. He was out of position on running plays that flew right thru his gap assignment. On the only time that he dropped into coverage that it mattered he just happened to be standing where the play was suppose to go to and the QB got sacked. I have never seen him look around in coverage to figure out his assignment. If this were the only game that I had seen him play I would say 6th rounder at best. He seemed to be out of it all night. If you think that teams will double team him or even have to to be effective I disagree. He’s going to be a project for any team that drafts him. I would also be surprised if he’s drafted in the 2nd round. If he has an outstanding combine that could move the needle but as it stands I simply don’t see what you are describing. BTW, he had zero tackles and zero assists. Over 20 players on his team had at least 1 tackle.