CV19 virus general talk and discussion

I wanted to start two new threads on this subject.

One is for latest facts, updates and news. That one is pinned here.

The other is for just general discussion. Pretty much anything goes as long as it doesn’t violate the rules. No politics, no personal attacks. You all know the drill.

That thread is this thread. Please understand that people are using this two threads to understand what’s going on so let’s try to keep rumors and inaccurate info out of these threads as best we can. Opinions are welcome as we all try our best to understand what’s really going on.

This is the perfect place for a news article like this. I’m not sure if I trust anything coming out of China but this needs to be shared.

China claims less than 3,299 dead but Wuhan ALONE recently received 10,000 cremation urns

Yea, don’t believe their bogus claim of only 3,299 dead


Not wearing masks to protect against coronavirus is a ‘big mistake,’ top Chinese scientist says

At least there’s been a small drop this weekend - any relief for the medical world is a welcome thing!

I think any numbers we get aren’t likely to be accurate but, that said, I do believe that “break outs” can be identified. The best information we can get is what we already likely have, physical distancing and staying home except for essential needs. My needs for tomorrow will include a trip to the liquor store, wife is out of Chardonnay and it could get ugly fast around here.


I’m starting to think masks as well…

When we talk, not just cough, and breath particle of moisture are exhaled continuously and that’s part of the transmission process… imho of a non expert

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You are on point with your thought. I don’t disagree with anyone wanting to use masks. Just at this point and time those mask need to get to the front line hospital staff. COVID-19 is not the only communicable disease out there. My wife was an ICU nurse, she used to deal with heavy PPE procedures for several other conditions. She was just talking about C-Diff yesterday with a friend that she worked with and how easily it spreads and how difficult it can be to treat.

That’s where social distancing comes into play even if you do have a mask…keeping a minimum of six feet between you and another person.

Also mitigating trips to stores and unnecessary outings.

Agree - i even think a wrapped bandanna would mitigate some…

I have a daughter with bad asthma and was looking to buy her some masks on Amazon. She a
Cashier at a grocery store and I’m a tad worried about her catching this.

However none of the available masks say they are N95 or better. Or even say they offer viral protection. Most just say dust protection. Does anyone with knowledge know what type I should buy?

My wife’s work now has two confirmed cases. Both of her coworkers are in the hospital in critical condition. One is on a ventilator. The doctors haven’t prescribed Hydroxychloroquine (which reportedly has a 98% cure rate) because of governor Gretchen Whitmer threats. I know I’m towing a thin line here but let’s keep politics out (as best we can) and still discuss this.

I would take that 98% success rate with a grain of salt. Though I don’t agree with the steps taken by either Michigan or Nevada in regards to the Hydroxychloroquine/Z-Pak combo.

My thoughts and prayers are with your wife’s colleagues.

I don’t know how they can restrict a drug that a doctor is prescribing, wouldn’t this fall under the “right to try” policy? Of course the state is fine with no oversight of them when they were shoveling opiods down people’s throats for years.

That sucks brother - to me any barrier is better than none… I’m stopping my biker bandannas!!

Check this out - curious to what you all think - dates 20-7 so no agenda…

Wondering if keeping a high temp is preventive?

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Let’s keep politics out of this and your link is to some right wing site that I’ve never heard of? Got it.


Is the Detroit News a “Right Wing Organization”?


It’s disgusting to see people playing politics with this… The FDA approved emergency use of chloroquine/Zpak, there is no reason for it to be held up by a politician.


Our esteemed Gov. just signed a $150M bill today to increase spending to fight COVID-19

It was on her desk for over a week after it was passed by both houses because she was too busy attacking the Dem’s boogie man to sign it.

She also finally got around to filling out the request to have Michigan declared a Disaster Area so that FEMA could mobilize in Michigan on Saturday…should have been done a long time ago but “Grandstanding” on CNN takes up a lot of time.