Da’Shawn Hand IR’d

Per 97.1

FFS, how many snaps did this guy even play this year?

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2 1/2 games??? Understated lose to the line all year.

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Quinn really botched player personnel this season. How many guys did he have sitting around waiting out injuries for months, instead of just IRing them and moving on?


At this rate will we be even able to field a 53 man team by week #16?


What a waste. This guy has talnet but he needs to quit being a PUZZY and get on the field!

Been watching the defensive snaps of the NYG game on gamepass. You are 100% correct, Hand’s loss is THE most understated loss of the year.

I think I’m like most fans that are hesitant to believe that we really did get a good DT where we did. But it’s true. We did. This guy stays on his feet, moves the blocker, maintains leverage to defend the run and can split a double-team. We needed him in the worst way this year. He’s easily our 2nd best lineman to Flowers.


How many weeks did he practice in a limited fashion? This is something that drives me crazy about this staff. Guys seem to get hurt, then practice for weeks and weeks and never see the field in a game. Then when they finally do… they get re-injured. Why not sit them for a month and let them heal? This staff does not know how to handle injuries at all.

He played weeks 8, 9 and 13. (Games 7, 8 and 12 for us)
He wasn’t on IR, until after week 13.
So, really, he had a couple months of recuperation and practice.

There was a noticeable difference in the the defense in that game. I am really high on him. In my mind, if the defense is set up in such a way that it requires DT pressure up the middle to be truly successful, losing the two pass rush DT’s in Hand and Daniels torpedoed the Lions strategy and left them with no one who has pass rush ability from that position.

Man, it’s not just rushing, it’s locking out the guard and remaining able to play the run. It’s engaging with a Guard and not being knocked on his rump or out of his gaps like happens with Robinson. You can watch Snacks playing the exact same guard in the exact same game and not being able to ever gain leverage, having his hands slapped down easily. Hand gets inside, extends the arm, gains leverage and moves the Guard backward. That never happens if the defender doesn’t get that hand in there. It also shows the value in the infatuation these guys have with length.

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