Dak Prescott extension could cost Cowboys $30M per year


I think Stafford would take the hits. He’s been pretty tough since 2010 ended.

Tough isn’t his issue.

Touch is, though.


I know why they did what they did in year 1. And yes it helped to save a little bit of money going forward and gave them the ability to cut the guy. Go back and look at the contract closer. Its basically $27M a year. All they really did was take some money from year 2 and shifted it into year 1. He’s back to being $27M in years 3, 4 and 5.


If he’s still there…

The way I see it, it’s a 2 year contract spending money they weren’t allowed to keep anyway. Keep if worht it. Hell, if he plays out of his skin, they can renegotiate and save money for 2 more years without much trouble.


You are doing your best to make a convoluted argument. The bottom line is his contract calls for a lot of damn money. When I first saw the deal reported I thought they put a bunch of money in the front end and it made the contract cheap on the backend. It doesn’t.

You know its a lot of damn money when the best argument is “well they can get out of it.” LOL


By the end of the 2020 season, we will be 12 years in on Stafford…and he will either have led us back to a NFC Championship game or better, or be gone.

HE may not want to be here, also to consider.

Also, Momma Stafford may want to be closer to home/family depending how she adjusts to the consequences of the brain surgery.

Back to the point. If you play 12 years as a leader of a team and you can’t even get one fluky run of hot play, then it wasn’t meant to be there.


The NFL is a mess.
There’s a salary cap on teams, but, not on positions/players.
Cousins contract was enough to make me scratch my head, and I’m a Cousins fan.
A player’s contract should be the percentage over or under the average player at his position based on the percentage his play/stats is over the average.
If you really want parity, that’s how you do it.


Nothing convoluted about it.

All I’m saying is to not count your chickens before they hatch.

Year 3, 4 and 5 are all salary and thus won’t hurt the team if they decide to cut him. So it’s a bit misleading to say he “got” a contract. He may never see that money. It was all guaranteed up front and immediately off the books that year, then nothing guaranteed in the back end.

$49M for 2 years is a lot of money, though, I agree. But I again remind that a lot of the upfront money was going to be gone whether they spent it or not. So it’s not exactly the same as a straight up contract.


Well said. It really is the most fair way of putting it, and it really does end there.


We have parity (except the Patriots).


I think Stafford is symptomatic of the organization. Leadership at all levels has been void. As much as arm strength and accuracy, leadership on the field is just as important and it simply doesn’t exist. Slow starts over and over, some come backs that made it exciting, the chemistry just has never been there. BTW, on D the last real leader we had was a CB, Dre Bly. Hoping that Trey can accept that role, hold guys responsible and fire them up. KVB tried to be that guy and I think he improved the locker room, but my memories of his play were that he over ran and left his assignment uncovered way too many times. They are tied to Stafford and not making any serious attempts at a backup tells me that they want him here. I think the best thing they can do is simply ask him to be a game manager and hope that he can do the dink and dunk thing well enough to win games.


Also, teeeeeerrible in coverage.


KVB couldn’t get a flag either for the life of him. I remember lineman basically riding him piggy back on his way to the QB and the refs never tossed the hankey


Well, he was a Lion, so…