Dak Prescott shows flashes of Lionesque skill

When the Cowboys won the coin toss before the Rams game, Dak told the officials the Cowboys wanted to kick instead of defer. The Rams get the ball at the start of both halves.

I wonder how often this happens?

Huh? Is that even possible for one team to get the ball to start both halves?

Sure. You can kick, receive, or defer.
If you defer the other team gets the choice to kick or receive at the beginning of the game.

I’ve never heard of anyone ever doing this.

The first time I ever heard of it was in the frickin state championship game we were playing in. To this day I still don’t quite understand how it all works. What I do know is whatever mistake Dak made, the NFL stepped in at halftime and made sure the Cowboys got the ball to start the 2nd half, regardless of whatever mistake Dak made. It was a surprise to McVeigh and the NFL thru the broadcast team did their best to have a long, convoluted answer to the question to start the 2nd half…which tells me they are full of shit.

So you can’t kick to start each half?

You can but not if you are the Cowboys.
Had the Lions messed up, they would have kicked off both halves.

You can, but don’t ask me to explain because I don’t know the ins and outs of it. To me it should be eliminated from the rule book. Our HC chose to kickoff for both halves because we were playing in a rainstorm, the offenses weren’t doing much and punting the ball was basically worthless. So the idea was that if you kicked off, you would have a short field after the stop.

Whatever the nuance to it, the OP caught it (good job by him) and everyone else knew what happened as well…including McVeigh. So the NFL apparently invented an alternate explanation at halftime and did the hard sell when they came back out.

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The loser of the coin toss gets to choose if they want to kick or receive the 2nd half. When you win the toss and you defer, that means you get to decide what to choose the 2nd half. You aren’t deferring the ball, you are deferring the decision.

So if you win the toss and say kick, the loser gets to choose if they kick or receive the second half.


Perfect explanation

Dallas just making sure they have all the mistakes out of their system before playoffs.

What a win for Dallas. Most dominant team in the league when they flip that switch.

It really don’t make much sense, it’s not like you can choose to receive the kickoff to start each half.




And with that win, that gives Dallas exactly 1 win against mediocre competition. Congrats.

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I don’t think Dallas is the most dominant team in the league, even when they “flip that switch”, but let’s be honest- they played very, very well, especially in the first half. Everything revolves around Elliot. If he runs well, the offense clicks. And he ran very well in the first half.

and once again it was officials that screwed up. you can hear Dak say “defer” when they replay the audio, but the 80 year old ref misheard it.

What Mr. Sheepish said.

Once the refs have an interpretation and explain it to the coaches, its over. In most other situations it would have died right there. The fact that they made a major change at halftime, after already explaining to the teams and having them plan their 1st half strategies based on that information…tells you that the Cowboys are a unique franchise. Even when they are up a gazillion points and dominating the opponent, they still won’t let a question mark against them stand when they would have for 20+ other teams.

Tell that to Dez Bryant wes