Dak Reportedly Turned Down 5/$175 Million Deal

Again: there’s a foolproof way to find out what your QB is worth. Let him hit the open market. You can even tag him with the transition tag so he can negotiate with another team and you can swoop in and match the deal. Dallas chose neither.

That’s their choice and they’re entitled to it. But if you make that choice, you live with it, not try to pull bullshit mind games, which is why Dallas isn’t doing that.

The question is for Dallas to answer, not 31 other teams. Specifically, is he worth premium franchise money over his replacement? There’s been ongoing negotiations and they’ve used the proper mechanism to protect themselves another year. It takes two to tango.

Transition tag him? That’s only an option once you’ve spent your Franchise tag.

Again, the issue is not how much the next guy will pay Dak, rather it’s how much better Dak is than the next guy.

You can use the transition tag instead of the franchise tag, but regardless, they could’ve used the non-exclusive franchise tag and had the same right to let him negotiate with other teams and then match a deal.

If you think it’s easy to find another QB of that caliber, you absolutely can keep the money and start Andy Dalton or whatever other warm body you want to throw out there. Dallas thinks he’s worth $31 million for one year. Next year they’ll get to decide if he’s worth another $37. Most teams shelling out $68 mil to a guy over 2 years would want that to be a signing bonus on a long-term deal, but Dallas gets to contemplate walking away with zip for their troubles. Or opening up the checkbook.

I’ve never been a fan of Jerry Jones or the Dallas Cowboys, so whether or not Dak’s a good investment for them doesn’t really interest me. I find it fascinating and hilarious that this is the contract situation they’ve created for themselves.

Whether Dak signs this year, next year or the year after, he’s likely to be the highest paid quarterback in league history when he does. Not because he’s objectively the best QB in the league—just like Stafford wasn’t the best QB in the league when he (briefly) held that title. Because he’s a good young QB who came up for a contract at the right time.

Dallas will trade him if they can’t get a deal that they are happy with. They also can apply the tag next year in a tag and trade deal.

Sure if they start Dalton and Dalton tears it up it will hurt Dak’s trade value but I still think it’s a win win scenario for Dallas. They get a cheaper option and then trade Dak for draft picks.

Clearly you think Dak is a better QB than I do.

I think Dalton + the cap money saved is > than Dak and an overly expensive contract.

I honestly think Dak is easier replaced than you.

It appears your blaming Dallas for not caving into Daks demands. Is that how you see it? Correct me if I’m wrong but that appears to be your stance.

I see a team that’s tried hard for a year to resign their starting QB. That QB has rejected multiple, fair market contracts. He wants and demands crazy money. Dallas had two choices prior to FA. 1) they cave in or 2) they tag him. They chose to tag him and sign a veteran in Dalton as insurance. Leaving the ball is Daks court. Dak and his agent haven’t been willing to come to a reasonable agreement. Leaving Dallas with a few choices to make.

Choice 1) Trade him and move forward with Dalton
Choice 2) Cut bait, get nothing and move forward with. Dalton.
Choice 3) Cave in a pay him far more than he’s worth.
Choice 4) Play hard ball.

Most Cowboy fans don’t feel Dak is worth the money. Most do not want JJ to cave into Daks demands.

I’m seeing what Air is seeing… A team that has tried signing him but has a limit to how much they’ll spend. They’ve reached an impasse and have used the appropriate tool to retain him. They’ve bought for themselves a year with Dak under the new Head Coach. They’ll be in better position deeper into the season to determine whether he should actually be the highest paid player in the league or not. Trust me, I’m not going to lose any sleep over what happens there either :grin:.

Dallas can’t trade him. He’s not under contract.

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My stance is that the market sets the value of a 26 year old free agent pro bowl QB, not you and not Dallas, and Dak would be a fool to sign for anything less than what he can get on the open market.

Dude was a 4th round pick. Dallas has had him under contract for four years. They’ve paid him about a million per year while he produced three division titles and two pro bowls. That’s a pretty sweet deal for Dallas and they’ve gotten all the discounts they’re going to get. Now it’s time to pay if they want to keep him, or let him go to somebody who will.

If they’d wanted to lock him down (and pay him a reasonable salary for a starting QB on a playoff team instead of a backup), they could’ve saved themselves a lot of money by doing it before the 2019 season or even the 2018 season when it was clear he was their starter. They chose not to—despite watching the exact same thing play out with Kirk Cousins in their own division—so now they gotta let the chips fall.

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I hope he caves and they lose a ton of talent at other positions because of cap


I would love to see a giant crack in the Earth open up and swallow AT&T Stadium whole myself.

Then Stafford isn’t worth the $$$ he got. QBs are paid by the market value if anything your frustration should be geared toward our gm. Jerry drafted all those guys and we had the opportunity to produce better drafts it had worked out unfortunately.
Dak has produced more than Stafford and ultimately he should be paid more

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Oh man, how did I miss that? Can you give me the too long didn’t read version?

Yes they can…

They applied the Tag and can do so again. They have his rights and hold the cards for a trade.

He’s asking for more than Market Value. He’s asking to set a new market. Much like LeSean McCoy tried and failed to do. He’s not going to get what he’s asking for unless Dallas caves. No one else is going to pay him what he’s asking. He wants roughly 30% more than the next highest paid QB.

They didn’t chose not to. They offered him multiple deals at fair market value and he rejected them demanding more than market value. Actually much much more than the current market value is.

So if I’m understanding correctly you think Dallas should have caved in and paid him way above market value then?

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Did Stafford get, or demand, $10,000,000 more than the highest paid QB at the time of his new contract?

Do you think Dak’s market is $10,000,000 more than the current highest paid QB (Wilson @ $35,000,000 apy)

Of course the expectation is that contracts will continue to climb. That these franchise QBs will get a small bump over the current highest paid QB. Something around $36,000,000 to $37,000,000 apy seems like the reasonable trend for Dak.

$45,000,000 apy seems out of whack.

While it would be nice to see Dallas cave and put their team in cap hell, I also hope they don’t cave because it will set a horrible trend for all future QB contracts.

$45,000,000 apy at Dallas’ current cap situation is 21% of the cap. At the current league mandated salary cap figure $45,000,000 apy is 23% of the cap.

Stafford in his worst year was 15.8% of our cap.

What Prescott is asking for here is unprecedented, and bad for the league IMO.

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Yes, they can theoretically trade him, but I think you have an inflated idea of the leverage that gives them. It’s highly unlikely that Dallas would be able to get anything significant for a player under a one-year deal. (See the return for Darius Slay.) To get compensation close to what Dak is worth, they’d have to sign him and THEN trade (which Dak would have to be willing to do, which is why that never happens in the NFL.)

If they’d used the non-exclusive franchise tag, they could let him negotiate with another team and receive two first rounders compensation, but that also never happens in the NFL, and they didn’t use the non-exclusive tag.

Bottom line, the threat of a trade isn’t much of a threat.

When did Wilson sign his deal? Qb deals like every other position is always increasing especially with the new labor. The question isn’t is he better what has he produced. He deserves to get paid

And you know his market value how, exactly? Based on the contracts that Goff and Wentz signed? Based on the contracts that Mahomes and Deshaun Foster are likely to sign when they come up next to extend their deals? Or based on your personal gut feeling for what he’s worth?

And you know the details of the contracts Dallas offered and the guaranteed money they included? This is hot information, you should share it, because I’ve seen a total of one report quoting numbers, and both Dallas and Dak’s agent immediately said the numbers quoted are garbage.

I don’t think you really get how NFL QB negotiations work or what good young QBs actually cost. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz signed in 2019. They got $110 and $107 million guaranteed, respectively. That’s the starting point for any deal–and the cap has gone up since then. The way you navigate that wisely, if you’re Dallas, is, as I’ve said, to offer an extension BEFORE your QB is in a contract year–BEFORE the 2019 season, not after. After Cousins, Goff and Wentz signed their deals, Dallas knew exactly what was coming, and they sat on their hands anyway. They’re entitled to do that, but now Dak has them over a barrel.

Here’s the reality: all this back and forth between Dak and Jerry is posturing. They’re not going to get to real numbers until the July 15 deadline. I expect they will ultimately reach an agreement on a deal making Dak the highest paid player in NFL history–for a few brief months until it’s Mahomes’ and Fosters’ turn at the trough. Because unless you’re Dan Snyder, that’s usually how these things go.

Wilson signed his deal just last year (April 17, 2019). His current salary projections run right around 15% of the Seahawks cap.

Of course Dak deserves to get paid. That’s not the question.

The question isn’t should he be paid at a rate making him the highest paid QB. He should, that’s the trend for franchise type QBs.

But he “apparently” isn’t simply asking to be paid as the highest paid QB. He’s “apparently” asking for an unprecedented increase in pay over the current highest paid QB.

We used to complain on here about QBs eating up 15% of the cap. There have been many many threads talking about 15% making it impossible to build a team around that QB.

With Prescott asking for $45mil apy he would be approaching 1/4 of the team’s cap space.

Do you want to see that trend established?

It goes beyond Prescott. Every QB, and agent, in the league will be looking to maintain that new trend.

Give the man $36 or $37 mil (apy), make him the highest paid QB in the league. He’s earned it.

But $45 mil (apy) no way.