Dallas fires entire coaching staff

There were like 2 to 3 more Garrett’s in the coaching and scouting ranks, so I assume they were part of the house cleaning.


Might’ve spoke too soon. It would be great if they extend him. Dallas fans would riot.

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Now that particular meltdown would be entertaining.

now where in the hell did you get video of my ex-wife?

Jason Garrett’s job status with Cowboys still unknown

UPDATE: Per NFL Network’s Jane Slater, Jason Garrett met with coaches and assistants and addressed those with expiring contracts. Garrett told them: “As you well know, you can look for work elsewhere” and this will be “sorted out in the next 24-48 hours.”

Slater added at 4:50 p.m. ET that Garrett was meeting with the Joneses. At 5:41 p.m. ET, Slater reported that Garrett had left the meeting. Cowboys reporters were then told no announcements regarding Garrett’s status would be made Monday night.

Jerry Jones really, really, really likes Jason Garrett and I could see Jerry making him a lifetime Cowboy and moving him into a different role with the team if he doesn’t retain him as coach. I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but its in the background.

I think others are right, the Cowboys faithful would riot…then go back to their DC4L BS.

None of this is going to prevent them from playing in the NFC championship game. IS IT???


Did we burn bridges with Rod M? Would love him as a DL coach and Assistant Head Coach.

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I’m pretty sure he burned bridges with us

Spare the Rod


Are you sure that the dumpster fire didn’t spread to his pants and then he accidentally burnt the bridge on his way out?

I actually think Jim Caldwell would be an amazing coach for Dallas. Patient enough man to deal with the Jones family. Leader of men who’s going to be able to get some of the Hollywood stuff reeled in. I’m not sure he’ll take him to the promise land but he’d definitely elevate them IMO.

How is his health though?

“There was more to his performance than just those raw numbers. His passes looked cleaner, his footwork was more precise, and he displayed a command of the offense that we haven’t seen from him in previous years. A lot of this is due to Kellen Moore and Jon Kitna. While Moore undoubtedly had growing pains in his first year calling plays, he built an offense that played to Dak’s strengths - only six other teams ran play-action more than Dallas - and encouraged him to attack through the air, as evidenced by Dak finishing second in the league in both intended air yards and completed air yards.”

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I’m dying :joy::laughing::rofl:

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Garrett just got out of ANOTHER meeting with Jerry and there has been no resolution LOL. Cowboys twitter is melting down!!! They’re probably hung up on whether he should get a 2 or 3 year extension.

Garrett has 1 losing season in a decade. This isn’t the easiest decision.

It always amazes me on how much media attention is given to an annual middle of the pack NFL franchise.


Jerry doesn’t have to do anything, his contract expires in January. Don’t resign him and move in another direction, that way he doesn’t have to fire him

I bet Garret has pictures from the party bus.