Dallas has lost their starting TE for the season. Get more for Jesse James than we should?

And the Cowboys’ depth chart looks quite junky after Blake Jarwin. Take advantage of this opportunity to move on from something that clearly doesn’t seem to have clicked in Detroit.

They can get a blocking TE anywhere.

6m/yr ham sandwich is what he is, IF we are lucky by getting the sandwich from Jerrah.

No one is trading for James. He’s not worth his salary. Way overpaid and will be cut after this year.

He was a fine player in Pittsburgh. Maybe they’ll just see him as a bad fit here?

If we got a 7th round draft choice for him, it’s progress.

They’d be on the hook for about 3.5m the rest of the season. They could walk away thereafter. I think they might consider it for a 7th.

We’d be eating 8m in cap for a 7th rounder though. I doubt we’re into doing that unless we truly believe he’s worthless.