Dallas signs Aldon Smith

Never thought he would get back in the league. Jerry is always looking for value. Smith is a really good player.

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Go Bessies Go


Welcome back Booya!

I’m rooting for Aldon Smith. I love a good comeback story.

Could’ve been one of the great all time pass rushers if he could’ve kept his nose clean


I don’t know him. I work with dudes that are being rehabilitated, so I always want ppl to get healthy and improve themselves.

That said…

I hope the Cowboys lose every game…unless they play GB :wink:


New focus is like iron.

Rong Bored. This is the Den. For Lions fans.

Just giving you crap, but really. You post more Dallas stuff here than Lions. Supwitdat?

Only funny because…

I’d be pissed if I were a Cowboys fan, not because the talent wasn’t there, but because this guy has been gone for 4 years. FOUR YEARS! And forced retirement at that, for all kinds of bad behavior chance after chance. Oh and by the way, he’s not making the league minimum. 1 year $4M is acting like he’s just underachieved on his rookie contact and he’s signing a contract to bet on himself. No, he’s been suspended and may not even gain full reinstatement. He must be a generational talent, like Josh Gordon, to be getting this kind of chance with a real payday.

Why be pissed? The risk is virtually nothing except for some potentially bad PR.

Could be a gem. Could be a camp release (if there is a camp). Can’t hurt to try I suppose…

100% agree. It is really sad TBH. Such a talent. I remember In that draft i wanted Watt and if not him smith and neither fell, and we got fairley…:man_shrugging:t2:

I believe people always deserve chances to better themselves, but Smith hasn’t exactly done much soul searching since leaving football. He’s been arrested multiple times and twice charged with domestic violence. I’m guessing that his sudden desire to play again comes from a bank account that has a whole lot of zeros in it.

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4 Mil tells me he had other suitors.

Low risk/High reward here.