Dan O going full Kelly


His Tweet. I wonder if he has an account at 247


Yea I remember when Matt was first on the beach at normandy.

good lord, dude gets paid MILLIONS to play a game and doesn’t do the appropriate work to get better.


I don’t how someone can say Stafford doesn’t do the work to get better.

That’s a baseless claim.

Maybe he just isn’t good.


I think it goes back to when he told the media getting an off-season mechanics coach “wasn’t his style”


I owe myself not to be affected by what Dan friggin Orlovsky has to say…


I appreciate Dan’s analysis, as he often is insightful and helpful in breaking down film for fans.

That said, this is ridiculous. If my eyes could roll any harder, they’d fall right out of my head. :roll_eyes:

Win a f#cking playoff game or STFU.


I think it goes back to when he told the media getting an off-season mechanics coach “wasn’t his style”

Then the next season he went out and got one.



Did he? I don’t remember reading that. I do remember Caldwell wanted to focus on his footwork. The end of 2013 Staffords mechanics were pretty brutal. It’s when Warner said "…his foodwork is all over the place. By far the most undisciplined quarterback in the National Football League”


I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again…
There was months of talk about Stafford being in Allen Park all summer.
He cannot answer that question (seeking outside coaching) without slighting the team. He answered appropriately.
Fast forward a couple years when it’s no longer Linehan and his “single voice” and you see a different approach and in that different approach, Stafford works with the same off-season guy that Matt Ryan had been using.


Slighting the team?

Mmmmmm. No

But I don’t doubt he has or had been working with a mechanics coach. I believe the question that was posed was where did the idea that he was lazy come from. And I mentioned it probably came from that interview and LoJack


LMAO, not sure why I read this as ‘Dan Marino’

…either way, I stand with Dan lol


Now now, it’s the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. Say that Dan O talks about Stafford like he went over the top to fight the Hun.

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