Dan O - The Lions are two good players away

I’m of the belief that one good offseason can really turn a team around. Lions former QB thinks the Lions are two good players away. So I tend to agree with him. That is if he’s talking difference maker type players. I dont know if BQ can find those two good players. He hasn’t found one yet. Here’s a link to it.

What do you think are the Lions only two good players away?


Depends who the two players are. Reggie White and Ray Lewis in their prime, we might have a decent defense.


Only two players Gracie?

An impact player make everyone around them better. The Lions should be able to get two impact players this offseason - one in FA and one in the draft at #3. Hopefully they get a few more as I suspect this will be a very good draft for the Lions.


I’ll bite. We are three players away, if and only if, we can retain Slay and pick up a couple of solid FA. Three playmakers.
In my latest simulation, I replaced Glasgow with Joe Thuney OG, I picked up Damarius Randall S and Arik Armistead DE. I picked up Hargraves to replace Daniels. I also picked up Corey Littleton LB and Cameron Brate TE.
Randall and Littleton are difference makers on defense, so is Armistead. All three are better than the guys they would replace. I believe Brate is better than Campbell.
I believe if we draft Okudah, that is plus one difference maker. I would like to do that after trading back with Miami and getting 5 and 26, I would like to package 26 and another pick and try to grab another in Henry Ruggs, that speed is killer, with Kenny and Jones, wow. That’s two difference makers and I got my third in FA by getting Littleton. That’s three difference makers.
That is shooting high.
Really couldn’t have asked for a better simulation except for Judon not getting through. In fact, I got no shot at Reader or Judon.

I think the Lions would have issues affording Randall, Armstead, and Littleton. They are all going to command big contracts for their relative position and they’re already paying Flowers $90 mil.

With that said, I have no doubt those signings could turn the defense around. lol.

Just out of curiosity, what would you do with Randall? Move him back to corner, or keep him at safety where he excelled?

Barry Sanders and Lawrence Taylor, but yeah, thanks DanO


Leave him at Safety, I’m drafting Okudah.,I am assuming they sign Slay so one of those might have to go away but tweeking him for this year won’t cost too much.

I think Dan lives in La La Land to. we need: LB’s , CB’s , DE’s , A DT, A RB , possibly a WR ? I mean no way in hell are we only two players away from greatness.

He is talking about stafford and back up Qb position

all I’ll say to that is that the ‘NEXT’ QB has to be noticeably better than Stafford and as much as The Anti-Stafford crowd goes? , that’s not going to be super easy to find…when that time comes Stafford is hanging it up.

I think a couple of good players, and not going backwards in others and we have good chance if the defense can muster up a pass rush. KC won the Super Bowl and I went to that game against KC and we were Evey bit as good as them that day. If the defense don’t give up a 30 yrd scramble we win that game,that and a couple real bad calls, my buddy Shawn is a KC fan he was very humble after saying he felt lucky to get that win. We were not out classed that game and up untill after the game against the pack we looked good, but after the 2 close losses and a couple more injury’s. We just died, and they went on to win the super bowl. So yeah I have hope, not sure about Quinn or Patricia. But a pass rush and a couple playmakers things could change fast.


Okudah and Gross-Matos? To me, that’d be better than Young.
Brown and Gross-Matos? Same.


If they make the right moves this off season, Patricia has the team’s trust and they have the locker room they want…then maybe things can turn for the better. Obviously the results have not been there.

But I did like what I saw how Patricia interacted on some of the video clips and also some of the reports that came out as well from the Senior Bowl. It’s something at least.

I’m not confident after the last two seasons. I don’t care who’s in charge much anymore…I just want wins. Somebody needs to get it done.

This is most likely Quintricia’s last chance. I for one hope they get it done.

Yes if he lasts that long.

A healthy Stafford and defense would’ve gotten this team to .500 IMHO, as it is. Add a couple of good players, plus improvements in our rookies and 2nd year guys and yeah, this team could at least contend for the playoffs. Maybe even win one in the post-season. They gotta have their stuff together though for that.

My take: pressure from the interior DL is a must. And a better CB2, not to mention keeping Slay.

The Lions are two people away:
GM and Head Coach


Hockenson and Jesse James replacement might be he is thinking

Those that haven’t actually played anything find this a hard concept. Those of us that have know the impact of top talents to make the job of almost everyone else easier. One impact Dlineman makes the entire DL formidable. A top CB at the #2 spot is enough to give the defense all sorts of flexibility. An Impact LB that can rush, cover, spy on the QB or stop the run is a major weapon against many of the young mobile QB’s. We had several guys on IR as well.

On Offense an impact WR that can beat coverage like maybe Jeudy would open up all sorts of offense. Cooper Cupp makes the LA offense dangerous, but it is very pedestrian when he is out. The Lions have Hockenson who is also a difficult matchup. A top RB can make our OL look a whole lot better, make the OL block better, keep the defense off the field, make play action more effective, etc…

Two impact players is clearly enough . We more than held our own with the SB champs without our full squad. The difference between winning and losing is very small.


We lost something like 9 games in the 4th? That’s NOT that far from being really good.
Stafford must be back to 100%. Then what didn’t we do to win late? We couldn’t run to use time and keep ball. We couldn’t get a stop.
My cure? The draft and both OSU kids (I almost puked typing that)
Young falls to us at 3. There’s your help getting off the field on 3rd down.
Second round…Dobbins. that dude AVERAGED over 11yds per carry in the final 4 minutes of games. That’s a closer.
This isn’t the fail proof, cure all answer, just a thought.