Dana Stubblefield convicted of raping disabled woman, faces life in prison

Ex-49ers All-Pro Dana Stubblefield convicted of raping disabled woman, faces life in prison

Jason Owens


Yahoo Sports July 27, 2020

Dana Stubblefield faces life in prison after a rape conviction. (David Madison/Getty Images)

Former NFL All-Pro Dana Stubblefield has been convicted of raping a developmentally disabled woman.

A jury in Santa Clara, California found Stubblefield guilty on Monday of rape by force, oral copulation by force and false imprisonment. The jury determined he used a gun in the act.

He was found not guilty on a third charge of rape of a person incapable of giving consent.

Stubblefield faces 15 years to life in prison after the conviction.

“This was a triumph of resilience,” Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen wrote in a statement. “The victim has struggled her whole life with learning disabilities and challenges to be self-sufficient. If we are not fighting for her, then who are we fighting for?”

Woman showed up for a babysitting interview

Prosecutors argued that Stubblefield lured the 31-year-old woman to his California home in 2015 through a babysitting website. She went to his home under the presumption of a job interview.

According to prosecutors, the woman left after a 20-minute interview, but returned when Stubblefield texted her with the promise to pay her for her mileage and her time. That’s when prosecutors say Stubblefield raped her. The woman reported the crime to police after the attack, and DNA evidence was collected.

Defense argued consent, money grab

Stubblefield’s attorney Ken Rosenfeld argued in 2016 that the sex was consensual and that the rape accusation amounted to a money grab.

“She then texted him on more than 20 occasions asking him for money,” Rosenfeld said in 2016. “We’re going to prove all of this.”

The jury was not convinced by the defense’s case and reached Monday’s verdict following a nine-month trial.

Stubblefield was married with two young children at the time of the assault. His wife filed for divorce and custody shortly after he was charged.

Stubblefield played 11 seasons in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl and earning three Pro Bowl nods with the San Francisco 49ers after they selected him in the first round of the 1993 NFL draft. The defensive tackle also won Defensive Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and was named All-Pro once during his seven seasons with the 49ers.

Stubblefield also played with Washington and the Oakland Raiders.


You know I don’t know anything about the case expect for what I read above …he may be guilty as all hell but I hope to GOD some actual proof exists…It’s mind boggling that a Jury of 12 people in a #MeToo climate could follow the rule of Law Criminally and find someone guilty in a he said, she said situation and find guilt of a person based on testimony alone …If you can’t find reasonable doubt in a testimony delivered by a claimed victim that demands money …If this is true “She then texted him on more than 20 occasions asking him for money,” Rosenfeld said in 2016. “We’re going to prove all of this.”…Men are in real trouble .

New York,
Here is an article from 2018 about it.

If she sent 20 text messages asking for money then those messages should still be there

Another article I read said she posted on a site that she would have sex for money and even did some porn.

Did you not see this coming!

I have to believe that Stubblefield’s past transgressions probably played some part in this.

Why no mention of the fact that this guy is married with 2 kids? He cheated on his wife!!

Why no mention of the fact that this was a man answering a BABYSITTER SITE??? It was NOT a dating/sex app!!! They did have sex.

He said…she said BS!

What’s more likely?

  1. A former Pro-Athlete who has been treated like a KING his entire adult life preying on a younger disabled woman.

  2. A desperate woman filing rape charges and having her life turned upside down fighting a court battle all for money.

“Men are in trouble”…is such crap.

It was even determined a gun was used in the attack.

The Football season cannot get here fast enough. I’m so sick of peoples “world” opinions on this site. I come here for Detroit Lions Football.

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There are a few head scratcher types here but I’ve found there are more that have good knowledge
Engage with the better minds

Hey look, this thread is no longer political. How TF THIS TOPIC got there was stupid and unwanted and thus deleted. Have a nice day!


And for a moment I thought I needed stronger glasses… post count “was” 14 and then it was 11 and I’m thinking someone spiked my warm
Milk!! :cry:Wes you bastard!! :crazy_face:

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If you re-read what he posted, he’s simply talking about a guilty verdict and that he hopes there’s more evidence/details than just a he-said / she-said. “IF” it was just the testimony of 2 people where the female sent repeated texts asking for more money, then you can understand how shady that seems. One ~should~ hope there’s more evidence than just those two testimonies.

The victim, who was 31 at the time, agreed to meet with Stubblefield at his home, and left after a 20-minute interview, police said.

She drove back, however, after Stubblefield sent her a text saying he wanted to pay her for her time, police said in 2016. When the woman returned to the home, Stubblefield raped her and paid her $80, police said.

12 of our peers found this man guilty after a 9 month trial. 9 months!!!

I agree that sending an innocent person to prison is without question completely wrong.

But this man was found guilty in the COURT OF LAW, not in the COURT of PUBLIC OPINION.

He’s a rapist…and he raped a mentally challenged woman looking for work as a babysitter.

…and I have to come and read some ignorant post about how “Men are in trouble”…because she’s possibly a liar.

There’s woman out there that are gold-digging predators looking to score money by any means necessary,

But this woman isn’t one of them…according to 12 jurors after hearing 9 months of testimony and evidence.

She also worked in porn and had sex for money. She doesn’t seem very credible to me.

So I agree. I hope they have more than just her word on this.

And that’s the hope… that there was more evidence than seen in the article to persuade 12 jurors.

I hope she isn’t lying…and these 12 people didn’t get it wrong. We have a system in place…and it’s far from perfect.

If she was lying and these jurors got it wrong…and her attorney’s proved an innocent man guilty after 9 months of evidence and testimony…then “MEN” aren’t the only ones in trouble. We all are…

Fair point…but pornstars can get raped…just like NFL linemen can be victims of domestic violence (D.J. Fluker).

Hahahahahaha!!! GTFOH …Before you typed this garbage above did you put your Super Duper Social Justice Warrior/Internet Do Gooder Cape on ?

It’s posts like yours that give me concern for the LAW and why I responded the way I did …You are clearly not a peer fit for Jury Duty when you ask the questions you did .

You can’t grasp that if she did take pay for sex of any type in her past it is relevant and casts reasonable doubt on a scenario that this time in particular was different …Ignorance at it’s finest

No mention by me that he is married or has kids or that he committed adultery…because it’s 100% irrelevant and has no bearing on the rape case . You clearly do not have a clue.

No mention of the babysitting site because it’s not unheard of to use one when you have kids .

You have your head in the clouds if you can’t see Men are in real trouble when all it takes is an accusation to warrant criminal proceedings and some civil cases with accusations dating back decades .
He used a gun in the attack ?..He might have, I don’t know… I hope proof of such exists, saying he did is not proof. What % of former and current athletes have a hand gun at home ? Law Enforcement asking him if he has one and him verifying he does would not in any way validate that claim it would likely be he does

If she texted him for money after the alleged Rape it is suspect. If she perjured herself (She Did) claiming she never did any form of Porn or sex for hire she is now a proven liar .

Again , like I said earlier …I hope proof actually exists and it was not only a he said, she said .

You stating 9 months of trial and his peers convicting him is not relevant when my entire point was the Jury pool is tainted with like mind thinkers like yourself .

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