Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50 2.0

I really don’t see the Lions passing on Brown. Unless Chase Young is there or they trade down for picks. He fills a need and he’s the best DT to come out in years.


For Lions fans it is a drag race between Chase Young, Derrick Brown and Jeff Okudah.

We need edge pressure help, we need help pushing the pocket and a secondary always needs help and Slay might not be back. What is our biggest need?

The DT free agent class is very, very deep though and that means really solid players can be had without crazy $ due to competition between themselves. CBs are always hard to find BUT…CBs like Slay and other top CBs often hit the open market. They are just expensive. And edge guys rarely hit the market.

The story is still unfolding as Slay’s situation has not yet been dealt with. But I am very, very happy with any of these defenders.

I am of the opinion that Washington will not pass up Chase Young as their J. Peppers. They can build a defense to win with as they have some solid defensive pieces in place. If that is true Brown V. Okudah seems to be the proper debate. And we have been having that on this board.

If Chase is gone I go Okudah assuming we lock down solid DTs in free agency.

Still haven’t changed my views since day one.

  1. Draft Chase if there
  2. Trade down
  3. Draft Brown

I wouldn’t be too upset if they took Simmons at three. Nor Okudah, IF they keep Slay.


I’m warming up to Brown more and more!

Obviously this depends on what happens in free agency but this team is void of impact DT at this point…

Chase is my #1 followed by Brown, Simmons and Okudah

I’m a little surprised to see Love ahead of Herbert and for Herbert to be so low.

I expect Young to be gone and I hope the Lions accept a trade down offer because I think that Okudah, and Brown would be our targets. Both could be available to us at #5.

In a double trade down I like Kinlaw, Simmons, Lamb, Juedy, Epenesa, and Chaisson the best.

I’m afraid that BQ will have trade down options but decline only to draft Brown or Okudah because he fell in love with one of them and was too afraid to take a chance on a trade down. That would really burn my ass if he did.

I really think any mediocre GM could work a trade down, (in this draft) stock pile picks and still be able to get a top difference maker.

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I agree to all this. Now, if only we had a mediocre GM.

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My fear is we get a trade offer for market value or above and BQ declines.

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Guess should add to my draft wants with Tua. No doubt a talent but scared shitless of the long term prognosis. That, you cannot predict.

I think we’ll take at least the first trade down, because we’re guaranteed to get one of Brown or Okudah at five. I could see him passing on a second trade down for that reason though.

I think a competent GM would. BQ tends to fall in love with a player and turn down trade offers. He had good offers last year but stood pat and took Hock. The same thing the year before with Ragnow.

Those are rumors though, we don’t know for certain they were on the table. And even if they were, I thought the Steelers trade offer wasn’t enough. I didn’t think it was enough for Denver either, but at least it was a little closer to equal value.

But I agree with you that Bob tends to fall in love with prospects. Saying that, moving from 3-5 is about the safest trade you can make if you’re in love with a guy, and with the most compensation too. It could be ridiculous compensation. He may be conservative, but he’s not an idiot. He’d have to take it.

Now if he falls in love with Tua, all bets are off.

Daniel Jeremiah’s Top 50 2.0

Herbert has exceptional size, mobility and arm strength. He has quick feet in his setup and he bounces on his toes once he gets to the top of his drop. His motion can be a little robotic at times but the ball comes out tight with high RPMs. He has a big arm but his placement is a little inconsistent. His front side flies open at times, impacting his accuracy. That can be corrected. He has shown the ability to touch up the ball underneath and makes some impressive throws on the run. He is a very good runner. He builds speed and he is effective on zone reads. The biggest area he needs to improve is his lack of anticipation. He waits too long to cut it loose. According to everyone at Oregon, his work ethic and character are off the charts. Overall, Herbert has some special physical tools, but he needs to play with less caution and learn to embrace an attacking mentality.

His lack of anticipation , needs to embrace an attacking mentality?? These are legit comments if Herbert played in an offense that allowed him to do that …Having to wait on the 2 or 3 targets you have as an option in that shit offense did not allow him to attack …he was locked down in 7 man protections this was not LSU here with 5 guys running routes …PA and waiting for guys to clear zones .

BQ did confirm he had offers. Gil Brandt reported they were good offers.

When BQ was questioned about it he confirmed he had multiple offers but refuse to say what the offers were in both the Hock and Ragnow drafts.

I stand corrected, but offers or not, without knowing any of the details of those offers, I think it’s really hard to say he should have taken them rather than make a pick, we just don’t have enough info, and there’s a lot of hindsight involved as well. For instance, would a trade down have been worth passing on #20 in 2018 if we had taken Nick Chubb instead of Ragnow? Darius Leonard? Courtland Sutton? What if we’d taken Ed Oliver instead of Hockenson, or Devin Bush, or Brian Burns, or Jeffrey Simmons?

To me the real problem so far has been who he’s falling in love with, not that he’s falling in love necessarily; most teams have their guys. And I simply can’t believe he could cultivate in New England and not understand the value of more picks, they must have traded down a hundred times while he was there.

Here’s hoping that if he falls in love it’s with better guys lol. And after the first trade-down.

I give him a pass on Ragnow because it appears Ragnow will be a stud but rumor was we were offered a second rounder to trade down. If I recall it was Car who offered it. BQ didn’t want to do it because he knew NEvwas big on Ragnow too.

But to think we could have traded down. Got an extra second rounder and still Isaiah Wynn or Ragnow. But I’ll give him a pass on that one.

But the Hockenson pick was a real head scratcher to me. Turning down good trade offers to stay pat and select a TE in the top 10 is insane! Especially in a deep TE class. That one I just can’t give him a pass on … lol