Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50 (version 1)

You Brown lovers will like this…

  1. Chase Young
  2. Derrick Brown
  3. Joe Burrow
  4. Isaiah Simmons
  5. Jeff Okudah

What’s interesting is that in his conversation with Zierlein about his mock draft 1.0, Zierlein said Okudah was top 2 or 3. My guess is Zierlein’s list would be Young, Okudah, Burrow…

Why is nobody talking about Raekwon Davis. That guy is a beast. Think he will be there at our 2nd Rd pick?

I’m happy with Simmons, Brown or the top rated OT at 3… Wouldn’t be real unhappy with Okudah but it takes time for CB to develop

No reason to bring race into this, man!


Joking aside, I’m not going to be crazy disappointed if we don’t get him, but I’d love to see it in a trade down scenario.

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The last two high draft picks from Ohio State at CB, Lattimore and Ward, hit the ground running right away.

If Okudah runs well (low 4.4s or better) I’ll have no concerns. He ran just under 4.5 coming into OSU as a five star prospect. With training I’m sure he’ll shave some off his time. To me, Okudah can be in the Jalen Ramsey level of CB. He’s that good.


Davis is good, but he would be playing the same role as Hand. Do we have the luxury of spending a 2nd rounder on replacing Hand when we have so many holes? Or do we roll the dice and hope Hand can stay healthy?

Hand and/or Bryant. I don’t trust it. I think we bring someone in.

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Not sure why I don’t want Brown. I’m usually all about a DT, DE, or OL with a high 1st round pick (if it’s not a QB).

Maybe I need to go back and watch him some more. I’m just not seeing it (yet).


Any list that doesn’t have Burrow #1 is irrelevant.

Don’t feel bad, I don’t either. I think he’s getting overhyped because he plays with some tenacity…but he doesn’t seem to be a difference-maker IMO.

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I don’t want Brown at #3.


Its an option I can live with, if no trade down is available. If so, its Brown or Thomas for me still. This scenario hasn’t changed for myself since day one. Still three months to go though.

I don’t want Brown inside of the top 10!

Honestly curious onto why. To me, this statement screams hyperbole.

It’s definitely not hyperbole. Brown has two things going against him for me.

A) He’s a DT and unless your name is Suh or Donald, you are a role-player. Very few playmakers at DT outside of a rare few players…and Brown doesn’t show that quickness or pass-rush moves to be an inside pass-rusher.

  1. I just don’t see the hype. Doesn’t have the quickness, doesn’t show the moves, mediocre stats, etc.

Personally I’m fine with Brown in the lower half of the top 10

More love for Derrick Brown:

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Maybe your just undervaluing him, first poster say sacks mean nothing, then 1/2 of you don’t like this guy because he doesn’t have Suh type sacks coming out of college. Yet draft reports say he’s one of the best they scouted in a decade, he’s big long and disruptive. He can 1 gap or 2 gap can, take on double teams. He’s just a really good DT. And fits what were looking for.

I don’t know if I’m undervaluing him.

Good player. Just not my preferred route at #3.