Daniels at Practice today (Thurs 24 Oct)

From Rothstein, ESPN:

Mike Daniels back at open portion of Lions practice Thursday. First time since his injury in Week 3. Damon Harrison not at practice — likely a vet management situation. Darius Slay is at practice but didn’t see him do very much at all.

About effing time! Probably not doing a lot yet, doesn’t actually say he did anything. But at least he’s there, step 1 done. No way to know when he might be back, so I won’t even guess.

If I see more info about him or anyone else, I’ll pass it along. Cheers!

Added: Daniels is testing his foot. At least he ain’t just standing around. I hope.

From PoD:

Da’Shawn Hand still looks on track to potentially play. – needed some good news right now.

Bawden back too.

Good stuff.

Getting these guys all back over the next coupla weeks will help with our inevitable run of the table. :slight_smile:


We’re going to need them for CHI.

Hopefully we can limp through a win vs the NYG and have a healthy Defense for CHI.


Only player not there was Harrison, maybe a vet rest day or maybe his injury is going to be a problem. Sure would be nice to get Hand back this week.

Where the hell is Austin Bryant? Not a word written or said anywhere about him that I know of. WTF?

Injury Report comes out in a couple of hours, interested to see who’s on it and why.

Snacks really needs a week or two off to get that groin healthy. I’d rather just sit him this week.

Do you have Saquon Barkley on your fantasy team or something?:rofl:


Here’s todays Injury Report. Taint looking too good for Slay. Doubt if we see Daniels out there on sunday, but maybe Hand will play.

And where the hell is Austin Bryant? He’s gotta be hurting more than we were told.

im calling it now.

if slay doesn’t play and we win… we sit the next game as well.

this will repeat until we need him or we trade him.


Our #2 DB is Rashaan Melvin, whose 1st half last week has me stabbing my eyes out with one of Patricia’s discarded pencils.

The good thing is Slay’s replacement is Mike Ford who’ll probably be left alone as long as Melvin is on the field.

Who even cares anymore about Daniels??!!?

I would have rather they traded him to the Seahawks.

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Yeah, we could have used him against the Packers.
He could have at least body slammed Clete or something.
Too late now.

Daniels would have messed-up his pedicure and been out another month then!

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Don’t we play @OAK between those guys? I certainly hope so since I have tickets to that one.

Win the next two and then Chicago becomes another monstrous game. Get to 5-3-1 and we’re back in the thick of things.

Just a reminder the trading deadline is next Tuesday.