Dave Birkett on Valenti Show talking Lions

Dave B was on Valenti and talking lions and playoffs. At the 4:45 mark Valenti specifically asks about why Undlin. Supposedly the guy has had other offers in the past etc and chose this one bc of MP. Interesting talking point.

If you are going to go down, it might as well be done with people you know and trust. My brain tells me you are not a supporter and you term this a friend hire. Most coaches bring their own guys in, they are known as former associates or having worked with someone in the past. Phrase it any way you want to, there wasn’t a single person any sane person would trust coming to Detroit. Most won’t take a job here. So you are stuck with associates.

I like the hire.

Impossible to prove that from our positions unless we are on the inside.

I don’t mind Birkett, but, I can’t take Valenti’s voice. I just want to choke him. Not dead, just unconscious.


Valenti is a piece of garbage. It takes no talent at all to rant against success as most all teams fail. When I hear something intelligent out of him it will be a first.

He actually didn’t say anything. It was Birkett…hence Birkett on the Valenti Show.

Jesus…listen to the damn 10 minute segment of a podcast before forming an opinion.

You promise Valenti doesn’t speak?


Lmao.:joy: you got me fish. He asks the question and it’s Birkett w the info.

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I didn’t like listening to New Yorkers when I lived in NY. Understand why Detroiters don’t want to listen to a New Yorker who still wishes he was in NY and believes he belongs on NY radio.

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