Dave Birkett wins sports writer of the year award

Good for him. Well deserved!

Not to take away from his award but the competition is weak if you ask me.


There is competition in Detroit? Take away all of the negative imbeciles and you don’t have much left.

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Why wouldn’t a reporter covering the Lions be negative?

Good for him and agree that the competition is weak.

Regardless of how bad we’ve been I could never stomach the likes of Sharp or Monarrez. There’s a fine line between constructive criticism and being a royal prick and they hurdled that line in Olympic athlete fashion.


I would have given it to Tom Kowalski because even dead he is better than these guys who are alive.


You know it’s pretty slim pickin’s when Dave Rivers Birkett wins anything.

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I really don’t mind Mienke or Rogers.

Good for Birkett, he’s been my goto Lions reporter since Kowalski. He does a solid job.

I am going to try to be positive and just say that says a whole lot about the state of sports reporting in Michigan.

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I actually think Mienke and Rogers together made a really good team at Mlive. You can tell they worked well together and liked each other. I’m sure Rogers enjoyed his promotion to the News, but I think Rogers loses a bit of personality without Mienke, and Rogers was Mienke’s foil to keep his ego in check.

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Rob Parker deserve it

If you gave Drew Sharp (RIP) a lobotomy, you’d have Rob Parker. Thanks for bringing him up…

Reporting honestly is not naturally a negative endeavor. There were a lot of good things that happened and could be reported on. Those that go negative are taking the cheap route as fans are upset with the record. Detroit is a city that has far too many selling negativity simply to make money.

I do agree. I also like the film review Rogers does. They try to do their job well. You can tell. Mienke def has the personality though.

you would say this.