Daviyon Nixon @ 7OA

Guy is gonna run a 4.7 @ 305. He is a man beast.

For all of you armchair scouts doubting him…he sits @ 10 on Mel Kipers big board.


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Nixon is exactly the type of prospect the Lions need. Time to build the front 7, especially the interior of the D-line. We desperately lack interior pass rush, it was non existent the last 3 years under Fatty P. We had a bit of pressure off the edges (Okwara, Flowers, Griffen) but nothing from the interior to collapse the pocket. QB’s have enough time to have a picnic in the pocket vs the Lions D.

And here’s a closer look at Nixon.

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He’s got the goods from a pressure standpoint and he’s good against the run moving laterally, but he can be bullied (often a problem with penetrating iDL). I like him for us, the only problem is I liked Kinlaw last year quite a bit more as a prospect and he didn’t go until fourteen. Seven feels very rich for Nixon. After a trade down would be better.


Agreed, whoever the new GM is should be doing everything they can to trade down. We need more picks, tons of holes, especially on Defense.

If he can’t hold his ground in the run game he’s not worth alot. You can put a DE down at DT if you want a more agile guy that can get blown off the ball.