Davonta Freeman about to be cut

A guy I believe we targeted in trade window last year. Be interesting to see if quin makes a play

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Falcons also released CB Trufant

Freeman can’t stay healthy. Maybe a one year cheap deal.

Isn’t he just an older version of KJ?

I would be happy with this addition for sure. I think we need three credible backs to try to keep everyone healthy. Freeman should cost less than Kenyan Drake and maybe a two year deal gets Freeman signed?

I think there will be both HUGE contracts given out and I think there will also be some nice deals happening too.

IMO he is for sure on the decline. Just averaged 3.6 yards per carry in 2019 in 14 games.

He was to make 9.5 mil in 2020. He won’t settle for a low contract. He will go to the highest bidder. With what we have, and what is in the draft, I would not kick the tires to hard.

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Should be able to find a cheap back in the draft. I’d pass. We already have some question marks at RB, let’s grab a 2nd or 3rd rounder to really improve that group.


don’t get why he missed 2 games almost each season , outside of that, not a horrible runner and he has pretty reliable hands.

Drake has been transition tagged by Arizona

Freeman ran a 4.6 when he entered the NFL, probably runs a 4.7 or 4.8 now.

Yes we made a trade offer to acquire him. He maybe a cheap target.