Day 2 of free agency

This probably won’t be popular but I kind of like day 2 of FA

Coverage ability at safety, elite run stuffing and Fringe number 1 CB if healthy (maybe +#2)

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It was way better today.

I thought starting with Chase Daniel yesterday BQ has been better. I LOVE sheldon especially at that price. Still some homes to fill via draft or FA


I am cautiously optimistic. Day 1 is for conviction buys. We obviously had Vaitai, Collins and Williams high on our board. I don’t totally get it but i don’t know as much about football as our staff does. I/we could still be right of course.

Day 2 is quite solid. So if day 1 holds up I think we might have a decent free agent period

Will the Lions go after more? The Lions potentially acquired 6-7 starters on defense.

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Let’s see what we get in the Slay to Philly trade

I fixed it curious.

Yes the Slay deal is sad to me cuz he was a favorite. His attitude and honesty even his play on top of his asking price made it time to move on tho. Now i’m curious and nervous to see what we get in return. Jones and a 3rd i’ll be happy but BQ doesn’t exactly bring faith to the table in his ability to work a trade in our favor so we’ll see

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