Day 3 WR's

I don’t consider Walter’s to be the Bible, but “in general” I think they are right with re to who might be available in Round 4…

Kendrick Rogers
Collin Johnson
Tarik Black
Tyler Johnson
Bryan Edwards
Michael Pittman, jr
Chase Claypool
Van Jefferson
Quartney Davis
Stephen Guidry
Trishton Jackson

Three of those guys, IMO, could play Day 1 in the NFL. I post this because I think we have to address bigger needs early and that there is likely to be some great options later in the draft.

I really like Quez Watkins as a day 3 guy. He’s a burner who can high point the ball and he’s been Southern Mississippi’s #1 receiver for the past two years. He’s skinny af, has kind of a Calvin Ridley build, so he’ll have to prove he can get off the line, but otherwise he’d be going much higher. I think he’ll run in the 4.3s.

I believe Donovan Peoples-Jones will be there in the 3rd (hunch). He can have a year in the slot. Then move to replace Marvin Jones the following year. And be effective by then. I’m

I like Tyler Johnson a lot. KJ Hamler may get to the 3rd round and could be Amendola’s replacement next year. Van Jefferson is a hard worker who could definitely help on special teams early while he developes. Quintez Cephus is another great late rounder, another and one who got a lot of attention at the east west game was Binjimen Victor. I like Cody White from MSU as he has good size/weight that fits the NFL and finds ways to get open. Denzel Mims looked good in the Baylor offense. Peoples Jones might be a sleeper if he ever wakes up. HA ha.
There is a big kid out of Oregon, Juan Johnson, 6’4’ 231 who would be a really late pick but he is a great target who won’t burn anybody but could get some key first downs and be a redzone threat with his big frame. Check out his bio and some pics. looks a little intimidating.

I love Pittman but don’t think he makes it to day three. I really, really like Bryan Edwards as well and it seems that he may make it to day three.

Isn’t Tarik Black transferring to Miami and not turning pro. Thought I read that…

I have NO IDEA who is going to be a day 3 WR this year. Its so hard to predict with guys that aren’t auto-first rounders. Looking forward to seeing how some of them do at the combine. That should help weed out the field a little. Jeremiah has 27 WRs graded in the top 3 rounds. Holy Cow, that is a TON. There are 96 picks (as of now without comp picks) in the first three rounds and we have (as of now) pick 99 (4th rounder). So that means about 1/3 of the picks are going to have to be WRs if they draft true to value, which we all know it rarely, if ever, goes that way. The chances of somebody that can really help is going to be high. But then we’d need to way that with the talent we could get with, lets say, our 2nd rounder. And then compare that 2nd rounder with the talent at another position vs our 4th rounder.

Good eye as usual. Watkins is a burner. Reminds me a bit of Darius Slayton (whom I really wanted last year) in terms of his athleticism. Watkins is less we’ll put together but he does have WAY more college production than Slayton.

He entered the “transfer portal”, but so far hasn’t been signed so it’s limbo as far as I know. A lot of WR’s going fast but again, I think there’s still some real quality left in the 4th. If we only have 3 picks in the first 3 rounds I’m all for D,D and D.

I think we need both an outside WR and a slot. Fortunately both can be eased in and not take a starring role until ‘21.

One really interesting day three slot candidate is Malcom Perry. Needs to prove he can consistently catch the football but he’s got to have amongst the most YAC potential in this draft.

You talking about the kid from Navy? I have been trying to get some info but most of it is as a Qb passing and rushing. Did see he was a Receiver in 17 and less in 2018. Also noted he is listed as a WR for the combine. You projecting the next Edelman?

Yep. To be honest I don’t even know how well he catches the ball. I just enjoyed watching him run the ball in college and think he’s probably about as close of a YAC type to Golden Tate as there is in this draft. Not projecting him to be Golden Tate of course. Perry’s just got that mix of ballerina feet and a powerful lower body.

Take him on day three, coach him up for a year and see what happens.

Lynn Bowden is my favorite version of that guy, though I’m not certain he makes it to day 3. Instant playmaker though.

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I remember you being all over Slayton, that was a good call. And you’re right, they have quite a few similarities, I think Watkins is quicker, and quicker to his top gear too, but I think Slayton probably shades him for long speed. And as you say, he’s got much more of a pro’s build. Actually the more I think about it, Watkins kinda reminds me of Daurice Fountain in speed and build. Hopefully not in the way their careers go.

AND he can play QB. Lynn is an outstanding athlete.

Haven’t paid that close attention to WRs yet but three kids I keep coming back to are Mims, Hill out of OSU and the Minnisota kid. All three should be available 3rd round or lower.

Both Wesley and I liked Slayton a lot. Underutilized in college but you could tell he was a special athlete.

Bowden’s a good call. I agree though that bc slot isn’t as deep as outside guys that he probably goes in round 3.

Perry was more of a round 6/round 7 flyer kind of guy. And I says that presumes that he’s a natural catcher of the football which I have no idea about. I don’t even know how big Perry’s hands are to be honest.

We’ll find out soon enough I guess. He’s at the combine right (Perry)?

Another guy I’d like to at least take a look at if we had more of a stomach for characters risks is Jeff Thomas out of Miami, that guy can really fly and he’s got some serious jitterbug moves too. But he’ll probably get picked by the Chiefs in the 4th or 5th to replace Watkins and they’ll get even faster.

You just named 3 WR’s I think could possible make it to round 3 and I like them all. They are all solid route runners too.

Tyler Johnson is a solid 2nd round prospect but could slide in a deep class. I think he’s drafted late round 2 to mid round 3. I like the kid a lot.

KJ Hamler might be a first round talent if not for his small size. His size should cost him to fall in such a deep class. I think he goes round 3 or even possibly round 4.

Jefferson is the most raw of these 3 guys but I like his upside. He’s a strong possibility in round 3-4.

I also like KJ Hill in round 3 - 4.

Another guy that no one is talking about is Omar Bayless. The kid tore it up this year and put up some huge numbers. Bayless caught 93 passes in 2019 for 1,653 yards and 17 touchdowns, which are ridiculous numbers. He has good size at 6’3″ and 207 pounds too. Possibly a mid round steel. I’m curious to see what his 40 time comes in at. I think it maybe a 4.5+ to 4.6+ speed and that could be enough to drop him to the mid rounds.

A guy I like a lot is Laviska Shenault partner in crime on the other side, WR Tony Brown (6-0, 195, 4.45)…Was near as productive as his highly touted teammate …Sticky hands , concentration in traffic , good route runner …One year wonder who really shit the bed early in his college career but turned it on once he transferred to Colorado. Late bloomer ? Who knows but the kid really looks the part now.

Being an Ohio State fan I told and wrote anyone who read last season that McLaurin would be a monster and was likely the better Pro over Paris Campbell …and that I loved him …Coyote or Weasel were on board as well from what I can remember …these #2 WR’s often get overshadowed by a freak deep threat type but with the way College football has expanded to these 4 WR sets the talent that fly’s under the radar greatly increases…I love Ceedee Lamb , but the value comes later.